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GSoC ’09, with XMPP

The XMPP Standards Foundation has helped support a number of open-source projects through Google’s Summer of Code program over the years. Although the XSF is not participating in the Google Summer of Code this year, a number of XMPP-related projects have been accepted by other mentoring organizations…

On the JabberFr forums, “Misc” posted the full list:

At the XSF, we’re tremendously excited to see so much implementation of cutting edge technologies in so many widespread projects. It’s a testement to the innovative nature of the XMPP community, and we’re looking forward to seeing – and using – the results.

Article by Misc, translated by Nicolas Vérité, edited by Dave Cridland.

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  1. Adam Nemeth says

    The libpurple gateway is a long-awaited addition to our toolset.

    It seems that at least three projects try to gain from the fact that pidgin, as the most popular multi-protocol IM client has the best support for different protocols.

    Maybe we should think about it more deeply, as the consequence of these symptoms may be larger than we think now.