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XSF Member Meeting 2009-02-12


  1. Call for Quorum

    The following 36 XSF members voted via proxy:

    cbas (at)
    js (at)
    js (at)
    jack (at)
    lucas (at)
    pavlix (at)
    ff (at)
    aconbere (at)
    edrin (at)
    melo (at)
    bmalkow (at)
    mremond (at)
    mateusz (at)
    coder2000 (at)
    hildjj (at)
    linuxwolf (at)
    matt (at)
    axelsena (at)
    nyco (at)
    tobiasfar (at)
    siegle (at)
    dwd (at)
    boyd.fletcher (at)
    astro (at)
    cking (at)
    kevin (at)
    gnauck (at)
    admin (at)
    kdz (at)
    intosi (at)
    migri (at)
    l-fy (at)
    remko (at)
    ralphm (at)
    mwild1 (at)
    alexey.melnikov (at)

    The XSF has 54 members as of this date. Therefore quorum is achieved in accordance with Section 3.8 of the
    XSF Bylaws.

  2. Items Subject to a Vote

    1. New and Returning members

      Vote yes or no for the Q1 2009


  3. Opportunity for XSF Members to Vote in the Meeting

    1. The following members voted in the meeting

      Peter Saint-Andre

  4. Announcement of Voting Results

    Applicant Yes No
    Christopher Zorn 37 0
    Heiner Wolf 32 5
    Justin Karneges 35 2

    Reappliers Yes No
    Adam Nemeth 33 4
    Matthew Wild 37 0
    Dave Cridland 34 3
    Alexander Gnauck 37 0
    Stephan Maka 31 6
    Jack Moffitt 37 0
  5. Any Other Business?

  6. Formal Adjournment