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XSF Member Meeting 2011-11-10

This is the agenda for the 2011 Annual Meeting of the Members of the XMPP Standards Foundation (XSF). Meeting participants may want to refer to the XSF Bylaws.


  1. Call for Quorum

    The following 36 XSF members voted via proxy:

    remko (at)
    siegle (at)
    artur.hefczyc (at)
    tobiasfar (at)
    l-fy (at)
    tuomas (at)
    jehan (at)
    alexey.melnikov (at)
    florob (at)
    me (at)
    lancestout (at)
    js (at)
    tofu (at)
    jack (at)
    will.thompson (at)
    stpeter (at)
    lbocquet (at)
    reportingsjr (at)
    ralphm (at)
    zooldk (at)
    yuppinturic (at)
    bmalkow (at)
    waqas (at)
    admin (at)
    smparkes (at)
    dwd (at)
    bschumac (at)
    migri (at)
    hildjj (at)
    kurt.zeilenga (at)
    dmeyer (at)
    wayne.franklin (at)
    bear (at)
    kevin (at)
    linuxwolf (at)
    gnauck (at)

    The XSF has 56 members as of this date. Therefore quorum is achieved in accordance with section 3.8 of the XSF Bylaws.

  2. Items Subject to a Vote
    1. Board Election

      Vote yes or no for the following:

    2. Council Election

      Vote yes or no for the following:

  3. Opportunity for XSF members to Vote in the Meeting

  4. Announcement of Voting Results

    1. Board Election

      Candidate Yes No
      Dave Cridland 34 2
      Ashley Roach 32 4
      Mike Taylor 32 4
      Florian Jensen 35 1
      Chris Christou 24 12

      The top five candidates will comprise the Board for 2011-2012.

    2. Council Election

      Candidate Yes No
      Tobias Markmann 25 11
      Ralph Meijer 23 13
      Matthew Miller 30 6
      Ben Schumacher 14 22
      Kevin Smith 31 5
      Matthew Wild 32 4
      Waqas Hussain 19 17

      The top five candidates will comprise the Council for 2011-2012.

  5. Any Other Business?

  6. Formal Adjournment