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UPnP Liaison Team

The UPnP Liaison Team was chartered by the XSF Board of Directors in early 2014 and consists of the following volunteers:

  • Philipp Hancke
  • Joachim Lindborg
  • Peter Saint-Andre
  • Peter Waher

The charter of the XSF’s UPnP Liaison Team is as follows:

The UPnP Forum Liaison Work Team is responsible for upholding the XSF’s
responsibilities regarding our liaison relationship with the UPnP Forum,
which covers work on the UPnP Cloud initiative. Members of this work
team shall function as “observers” within the UPnP Forum and shall abide
by the terms of the XSF’s liaison agreement with the UPnP Forum.

The goals of the work team are threefold:

1. Development of a technically strong and appropriate solution to the
requirements of the UPnP Forum, including the application and
combination of existing XMPP technologies with domain knowledge within
the UPnP Forum.

2. Review of specifications produced by the UPnP Forum to ensure that
their use of XMPP is consistent with current best practices for XMPP

3. Implementation of certification programs and/or protocol conformance
testing tools with regard to XMPP or the UPnP Forum’s use thereof.

Collectively, the members of the work team are expected to have
expertise in core XMPP technologies, the HTTP bindings for XMPP (BOSH
and WebSocket), and XMPP publish-subscribe extensions. Knowledge of
media applications using Jingle is also desirable.

Members of the work team shall be selected by the XMPP Council after a
call for volunteers from among the XSF membership, and shall be approved
by the XSF Board of Directors.