Server Dialback

The Server Dialback protocol is specified in RFC 3920 (a Proposed Standard of the Internet Engineering Task Force). This specification defines the server dialback protocol, which is used between XMPP servers to provide identity verification. Server dialback uses the Domain Name System (DNS) as the basis for verifying identity; the basic approach is that when a receiving server receives a server-to-server connection requesting from an originating server, it does not accept the request until it has verified a key with an authoritative server for the domain asserted by the originating server. Although server dialback does not provide strong authentication or trusted federation and although it is subject to DNS poisoning attacks, since its development in the year 2000 it has effectively prevented most instances of address spoofing on the XMPP network.

The following XML namespaces are used in the context of the Server Dialback protocol:

The following XML schemas are available for the Server Dialback protocol:

Information about this XMPP protocol is maintained by the XMPP Registrar.