OpenDomain Contributes XMPP Domains to the Jabber Software Foundation,, and to Provide Information and Services Related to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP)

DENVER, CO, USA, DECEMBER 30, 2005 -- The Jabber Software Foundation (JSF) has accepted a contribution of the,, and domains and has already begun to offer services related to the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) at those domains. The domains were transferred to the JSF by OpenDomain.Org in recognition of the JSF's work in promoting open instant messaging, presence, and XML routing technologies.

"We appreciate the efforts and promotion of open and free communities, specifically the work done by the Jabber Software Foundation on XMPP," said Ric Johnson, President of "Because of this, we have decided to grant full ownership of the domain names to the JSF." Even though OpenDomain was offered several thousand dollars to sell these domains to a third party, it transferred the domains to the JSF for free. The OpenDomain program does not sell domains, rather it enables organizations and individuals to use them in promoting open technologies. The OpenDomain trademark says it best: "Open Source for Domains."

JSF Executive Director Peter Saint-Andre noted: "Jabber/XMPP technologies are the open alternative in the realm of instant messaging, presence, and real-time XML delivery. With the IETF's approval of the XMPP RFCs in 2004, mindshare around the XMPP brand has become ever more important. OpenDomain's generous contribution of the,, and domains will enable us to offer valuable services related to these technologies."

The domains are being used as follows:

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