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The XMPP Newsletter, 28 February 2019

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In the beginning of February was the annual FOSDEM19 conference in Brussels which was well attended by XMPP enthusiasts and where 5 different talks related to XMPP were held.

The videos for the FOSDEM presentations have been released:

In this talk Jérôme Poisson (Goffi) shows how XMPP can be used to build non-IM applications, such as a blog engine, file sharing, a code forge, a universal remote controller and even a decentralized web framework on top of XMPP.

Jérôme Poisson talks about Salut à Toi, a Python-based decentralized communication ecosystem which uses XMPP and offers a lot of features like chat, e2e encryption, file sharing, photo albums, events, (micro)blogging, forums, remote control, tickets, merge-requests and even a decentralized web framework.

Maxime Buquet (pep.) talks about how he organized the August 18-19th XMPP community sprint in Cambridge and gives useful advice to anyone interesting in organising community events such as development sprints.

Dele Olajide talks about Pàdé, a new unified communications solution from the ignite Real-time community that integrates protocols such as SIP, HTTP and XMPP into one desktop solution for text, voice and video communication.

JC Brand talks about Converse.js, a JavaScript XMPP chat client that runs in the browser and which saw lots of improvements in 2018, including a new fullscreen teamchat mode.

Other news

Process One have rebranded and expanded their ejabberd software-as-a-service platform and renamed it to Fluux.

The iOS and OS X client Monal, has been removed from the French app store because the developer can't distribute Monal with OMEMO in France without government approval.

The Monal push service has received an update intended to fix an interoperability bug with Ejabberd services.

Software releases



  • Ejabberd 19.02 (nice writeup of what they call the MQTT edition).
  • Tigase 8.0.0 RC1


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