Sponsor - ProcessOne

ProcessOne is a leading provider of rich Messaging, IoT and Push solutions optimized for building world-class realtime software. ProcessOne is the company that have developed ejabberd, an ubiquitous XMPP server that has been deployed to power some of the largest messaging platforms in the world. Used for chat, social network, gaming, IoT, the platform is versatile, feature complete and highly customizable. Developed and supported by a team of experts with 15 years of experience in messaging and highly robust and scalable system, ProcessOne platform is available as a service through Fluux, as the most reliable way and cost effective solution to deploy a XMPP based service. [Read More]

Sponsor - Tigase

Tigase is home to Tigase XMPP Server, Tigase JaXMPP Client library, Tigase Messenger for Android and iOS, and other XMPP-related projects. We specialize in creating robust, secure, and reliable XMPP-based real time communication systems. Tigase provides agility and the freedom to scale projects and installations from small one-office networks to hundreds of thousands of connected users to a clustered network. Tigase XMPP Server is our flagship product providing instant communication services using the XMPP protocol. [Read More]

Sponsor - US Secure Hosting Center

USSHC is a privately owned underground secure colocation data center located in the rural Midwestern United States. We take pride in offering the most secure, carrier-class colocation data center services available. USSHC hosts the servers on which xmpp.org and jabber.org services are run. Unmatched Excellence Unmatched excellence in security, and colocation services is our first priority. No other commercially available colocation facility can match our level of physical security for your colocated equipment. [Read More]