Service Discovery Identities

This is the official registry of values for the 'category' and 'type' attributes of the <identity/> element within the '' namespace (see XEP-0030: Service Discovery), as registered with the XMPP Registrar.

Last Updated: 2022-11-16


Table of Contents

1. account
2. auth
3. authz
4. automation
5. client
6. collaboration
7. component
8. conference
9. directory
10. gateway
11. headline
12. hierarchy
13. proxy
14. pubsub
15. server
16. store

1. account

The "account" category is to be used by a server when responding to a disco request sent to the bare JID (user@host addresss) of an account hosted by the server.

adminThe user@host is an administrative account <identity category='account' type='admin'/>
anonymousThe user@host is a "guest" account that allows anonymous login by any user <identity category='account' type='anonymous'/>
registeredThe user@host is a registered or provisioned account associated with a particular non-administrative user <identity category='account' type='registered'/>

2. auth

The "auth" category consists of server components that provide authentication services within a server implementation.

certA server component that authenticates based on external certificates <identity category='auth' type='cert'/>
genericA server authentication component other than one of the registered types <identity category='auth' type='generic'/>
ldapA server component that authenticates against an LDAP database <identity category='auth' type='ldap'/>
ntlmA server component that authenticates against an NT domain <identity category='auth' type='ntlm'/>
pamA server component that authenticates against a PAM system <identity category='auth' type='pam'/>
radiusA server component that authenticates against a Radius system <identity category='auth' type='radius'/>

3. authz

Services and nodes that provide authorization identities.

ephemeralAn authorization service that provides ephemeral identities. <identity category='authz' type='ephemeral'/>

4. automation

The "automation" category consists of entities and nodes that provide automated or programmed interaction.

command-listThe node for a list of commands; valid only for the node "" <identity category='automation' type='command-list'/>
command-nodeA node for a specific command; the "node" attribute uniquely identifies the command <identity category='automation' type='command-node'/>
rpcAn entity that supports Jabber-RPC. <identity category='automation' type='rpc'/>
soapAn entity that supports the SOAP XMPP Binding. <identity category='automation' type='soap'/>
translationAn entity that provides automated translation services. <identity category='automation' type='translation'/>

5. client

The "client" category consists of different types of clients, mostly for instant messaging.

botAn automated client that is not controlled by a human user <identity category='client' type='bot'/>
consoleMinimal non-GUI client used on dumb terminals or text-only screens <identity category='client' type='console'/>
gameA client running on a gaming console <identity category='client' type='game'/>
handheldA client running on a PDA, RIM device, or other handheld <identity category='client' type='handheld'/>
pcStandard full-GUI client used on desktops and laptops <identity category='client' type='pc'/>
phoneA client running on a mobile phone or other telephony device <identity category='client' type='phone'/>
smsA client that is not actually using an instant messaging client; however, messages sent to this contact will be delivered as Short Message Service (SMS) messages <identity category='client' type='sms'/>
tabletA client running on a touchscreen device larger than a smartphone and without a physical keyboard permanently attached to it. <identity category='client' type='tablet'/>
webA client operated from within a web browser <identity category='client' type='web'/>

6. collaboration

The "collaboration" category consists of services that enable multiple individuals to work together in real time.

whiteboardMulti-user whiteboarding service <identity category='collaboration' type='whiteboard'/>

7. component

The "component" category consists of services that are internal to server implementations and not normally exposed outside a server.

archiveA server component that archives traffic <identity category='component' type='archive'/>
c2sA server component that handles client connections <identity category='component' type='c2s'/>
genericA server component other than one of the registered types <identity category='component' type='generic'/>
loadA server component that handles load balancing <identity category='component' type='load'/>
logA server component that logs server information <identity category='component' type='log'/>
presenceA server component that provides presence information <identity category='component' type='presence'/>
routerA server component that handles core routing logic <identity category='component' type='router'/>
s2sA server component that handles server connections <identity category='component' type='s2s'/>
smA server component that manages user sessions <identity category='component' type='sm'/>
statsA server component that provides server statistics <identity category='component' type='stats'/>

8. conference

The "conference" category consists of online conference services such as multi-user chatroom services.

ircInternet Relay Chat service <identity category='conference' type='irc'/>
textText conferencing service <identity category='conference' type='text'/>

9. directory

The "directory" category consists of information retrieval services that enable users to search online directories or otherwise be informed about the existence of other XMPP entities.

chatroomA directory of chatrooms <identity category='directory' type='chatroom'/>
groupA directory that provides shared roster groups <identity category='directory' type='group'/>
userA directory of end users (e.g., JUD) <identity category='directory' type='user'/>
waitinglistA directory of waiting list entries <identity category='directory' type='waitinglist'/>

10. gateway

The "gateway" category consists of translators between Jabber/XMPP services and non-XMPP services.

aimGateway to AOL Instant Messenger <identity category='gateway' type='aim'/>
discordGateway to the Discord IM service <identity category='gateway' type='discord'/>
facebookGateway to the Facebook IM service <identity category='gateway' type='facebook'/>
gadu-gaduGateway to the Gadu-Gadu IM service <identity category='gateway' type='gadu-gadu'/>
http-wsGateway that provides HTTP Web Services access <identity category='gateway' type='http-ws'/>
icqGateway to ICQ <identity category='gateway' type='icq'/>
ircGateway to IRC <identity category='gateway' type='irc'/>
lcsGateway to Microsoft Live Communications Server <identity category='gateway' type='lcs'/>
mattermostGateway to a mattermost instance IM service <identity category='gateway' type='mattermost'/>
mrimGateway to the IM service <identity category='gateway' type='mrim'/>
msnGateway to MSN Messenger <identity category='gateway' type='msn'/>
myspaceimGateway to the MySpace IM service <identity category='gateway' type='myspaceim'/>
ocsGateway to Microsoft Office Communications Server <identity category='gateway' type='ocs'/>
pstnGateway to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) <identity category='gateway' type='pstn'/>
qqGateway to the QQ IM service <identity category='gateway' type='qq'/>
sametimeGateway to IBM Lotus Sametime <identity category='gateway' type='sametime'/>
signalGateway to Signal IM service <identity category='gateway' type='signal'/>
simpleGateway to SIP for Instant Messaging and Presence Leveraging Extensions (SIMPLE) <identity category='gateway' type='simple'/>
skypeGateway to the Skype service <identity category='gateway' type='skype'/>
smsGateway to Short Message Service <identity category='gateway' type='sms'/>
smtpGateway to the SMTP (email) network <identity category='gateway' type='smtp'/>
steamGateway to Steam IM service <identity category='gateway' type='steam'/>
telegramGateway to the Telegram IM service <identity category='gateway' type='telegram'/>
tlenGateway to the Tlen IM service <identity category='gateway' type='tlen'/>
xfireGateway to the Xfire gaming and IM service <identity category='gateway' type='xfire'/>
xmppGateway to another XMPP service (NOT via native server-to-server communication) <identity category='gateway' type='xmpp'/>
yahooGateway to Yahoo! Instant Messenger <identity category='gateway' type='yahoo'/>

11. headline

The "headline" category consists of services that provide real-time news or information (often but not necessarily in a message of type "headline").

newmailService that notifies a user of new email messages. <identity category='headline' type='newmail'/>
rssRSS notification service. <identity category='headline' type='rss'/>
weatherService that provides weather alerts. <identity category='headline' type='weather'/>

12. hierarchy

The "hierarchy" category is used to describe nodes within a hierarchy of nodes; the "branch" and "leaf" types are exhaustive.

branchA service discovery node that contains further nodes in the hierarchy. <identity category='hierarchy' type='branch'/>
leafA service discovery node that does not contain further nodes in the hierarchy. <identity category='hierarchy' type='leaf'/>

13. proxy

The "proxy" category consists of servers or services that act as special-purpose proxies or intermediaries between two or more XMPP endpoints.

bytestreamsSOCKS5 bytestreams proxy service <identity category='proxy' type='bytestreams'/>

14. pubsub

Services and nodes that adhere to XEP-0060.

collectionA pubsub node of the "collection" type. <identity category='pubsub' type='collection'/>
leafA pubsub node of the "leaf" type. <identity category='pubsub' type='leaf'/>
pepA personal eventing service that supports the publish-subscribe subset defined in XEP-0163. <identity category='pubsub' type='pep'/>
serviceA pubsub service that supports the functionality defined in XEP-0060. <identity category='pubsub' type='service'/>

15. server

The "server" category consists of any Jabber/XMPP server.

imStandard Jabber/XMPP server used for instant messaging and presence <identity category='server' type='im'/>

16. store

The "store" category consists of internal server components that provide data storage and retrieval services.

berkeleyA server component that stores data in a Berkeley database <identity category='store' type='berkeley'/>
fileA server component that stores data on the file system <identity category='store' type='file'/>
genericA server data storage component other than one of the registered types <identity category='store' type='generic'/>
ldapA server component that stores data in an LDAP database <identity category='store' type='ldap'/>
mysqlA server component that stores data in a MySQL database <identity category='store' type='mysql'/>
oracleA server component that stores data in an Oracle database <identity category='store' type='oracle'/>
postgresA server component that stores data in a PostgreSQL database <identity category='store' type='postgres'/>

Revision History

2022-11-16 Add discord, mattermost, signal and steam gateway types. (mw)

2021-10-06 Add PSTN gateway type. (mw)

2018-09-04 Add Telegram gateway type. (lnj)

2016-12-07 Add authz category from XEP-0383. (ssw)

2016-10-06 Fixed the tablet client category xml and XEP listings. (egp, ssw)

2016-07-28 Added the tablet client category (dg)

2011-02-22 Added the game and sms types to the client category. (psa)

2010-04-02 Added irc type to the gateway category. (psa)

2009-09-15 Added skype type to the gateway category. (psa)

2009-03-13 Added facebook, mrim, and myspaceim types to the gateway category. (psa)

2008-06-12 Added lcs, ocs, sametime, simple, and xmpp types to the gateway category. (psa)

2008-05-09 Added translation type to automation category. (psa)

2008-04-14 Added xfire type to gateway category. (psa)

2006-09-20 Added pep type to pubsub category. (psa)

2006-07-05 Corrected pubsub registration. (psa)

2006-01-03 Added "qq" and "tlen" types to "gateway" category. (psa)

2005-12-14 Added "soap" and "rpc" types to "automation" category (per XEP-0072 and XEP-0009). (psa)

2005-08-26 Added "group" type and "waitinglist" type to "directory" category (per XEP-0144 and XEP-0130). (psa)

2005-03-03 Added "account" category and types for "admin", "anonymous", and "registered". (psa)

2004-06-11 Added "headline/newmail" and "headline/weather" types. (psa)

2004-05-19 Added "auth", "component", and "store" categories for internal server components; added "gateway/http-ws" type; added "directory/chatroom" type. (psa)

2004-05-10 Added "hierarchy" category along with associated "branch" and "leaf" types. (psa)

2004-01-14 Added "pubsub" category and "generic" type. (psa)

2003-10-21 Restored "headline/rss" category/type, since it is in use. (psa)

2003-09-24 Added "proxy" category per XEP-0065, removed "headline" category. (psa)

2003-09-23 Added "automation" category per XEP-0050. (psa)

2003-09-15 Added "client" and "server" categories, removed "pim" category. (psa)

2003-05-08 Removed categories and types not in use. (psa)

2003-04-23 Initial version (parameters from XEP). (psa)