XMPP Registrar

As authorized by XEP-0053, the XMPP Registrar maintains registries of protocol namespaces and of various parameters that are used by the IETF's Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) as well as by XMPP extensions published by the XMPP Standards Foundation. The following registries are available:

Registry HTML XML
Alternative XMPP Connection MethodsHTMLXML
Advanced Message Processing Rule ActionsHTMLXML
Advanced Message Processing Rule ConditionsHTMLXML
Application-Specific Error ConditionsHTMLXML
Data Forms Validation DatatypesHTMLXML
Data Forms Validation Datatype PrefixesHTMLXML
FORM_TYPEs and Fields for Data FormsHTMLXML
Jingle Application FormatsHTMLXML
Jingle Transport MethodsHTMLXML
Link-Local Messaging TXT RecordsHTMLXML
Multi-User Chat Status CodesHTMLXML
Nodes for Service Discovery and Publish-SubscribeHTMLXML
Protocol NamespacesHTMLXML
Service Discovery FeaturesHTMLXML
Service Discovery IdentitiesHTMLXML
Stream Compression MethodsHTMLXML
Stream FeaturesHTMLXML
Stream Initiation ProfilesHTMLXML

The functions of the XMPP Registrar are managed by the XMPP Extensions Editor. Changes to the registries are announced on the Standards mailing list.