Data Forms Validation Datatypes

This is the official registry of datatypes for use in the context of XEP-0122: Data Forms Validation, as maintained by the XMPP Registrar. This registry contains datatypes specified in XEP-0122 as well as datatypes submitted directly to the XMPP Registrar.

Last Updated: 2005-08-26


sipub:file-transferDatatype for publishing an SI using the File Transfer ProfilebasicN/AN/A
xs:anyURIa Uniform Resource Identifier Reference (URI)basic regexN/AN/A
xs:bytean integer with the specified min/maxbasic range-128127
xs:datea calendar datebasic range regexN/AN/A
xs:dateTimea specific instant of timebasic range regexN/AN/A
xs:decimalan arbitrary-precision decimal numberbasic rangenonenone
xs:doublean IEEE double-precision 64-bit floating point typebasic rangenonenone
xs:intan integer with the specified min/maxbasic range-21474836482147483647
xs:integera decimal number with no fraction digitsbasic rangenonenone
xs:languagea language identifier as defined by RFC 1766basic regexN/AN/A
xs:longan integer with the specified min/maxbasic range-92233720368547758089223372036854775807
xs:shortan integer with the specified min/maxbasic range-3276832767
xs:stringa character strings in XMLbasic regexN/AN/A
xs:timean instant of time that recurs every daybasic range regexN/AN/A

Revision History

2005-08-26 Added sipub:file-transfer type specified in XEP-0137. (psa)

2004-09-22 Initial version with parameters specified in XEP-0122. (psa)