SHIM Headers

This is the official registry of SHIM headers as authorized by XEP-0131: Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata (SHIM) and as maintained by the XMPP Registrar.

Last Updated: 2018-08-03


Acceptsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Accept-Charsetsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Accept-Encodingsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Accept-Languagesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Accept-Rangessee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Agesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Alert-Infosee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Allowsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Authentication-Infosee RFC 2617RFC 2617
Cache-Controlsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Call-IDsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Call-Infosee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Classificationa level within a classification schemeXEP-0131
CollectionThe collection via which a notification was received from the originating nodeXEP-0248
Commentssee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Connectionsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Contactsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Content-Descriptionsee RFC 2045RFC 2045
Content-Dispositionsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Content-Encodingsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Content-IDsee RFC 2045RFC 2045
Content-Languagesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Content-Lengthsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Content-Locationsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Content-MD5see RFC 2616RFC 2616
Content-Rangesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Content-Transfer-Encodingsee RFC 2045RFC 2045
Content-Typesee RFC 2045 or RFC 2616RFC 2045 or RFC 2616
Contributoran entity other than the primary Creator who helped to create a resourceRFC 2413
Coveragethe spatial or temporal characteristics of a resourceRFC 2413
Createddate and time of stanza creation in ISO 8601 formatXEP-0131
Creatorthe person or organization responsible for creating the content of a resourceRFC 2413
CSeqsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Datea string that conforms to the Date profile specified in XEP-0082XEP-0131
DateTimea string that conforms to the DateTime profile specified in XEP-0082XEP-0131
Descriptiona textual description of the content of a resourceRFC 2413
Distributewhether or not the stanza may be further distributedXEP-0131
Error-Infosee RFC 3261RFC 3261
ETagsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Expectsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Expiressee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Formatthe data format of a resourceRFC 2413
Hostsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Identifiera string or number used to identity a resourceRFC 2413
If-Matchsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
If-Modified-Sincesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
If-None-Matchsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
If-Rangesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
If-Unmodified-Sincesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
In-Reply-Tosee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Keywordssee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Languagethe language in expressing the content of a resourceRFC 2413
Last-Modifiedsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Locationsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Max-Forwardssee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Message-IDsee RFC 2822RFC 2822
MIME-Versionsee RFC 2045RFC 2045
Organizationsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Pragmasee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Prioritysee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Proxy-Authenticatesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Proxy-Authorizationsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Publisherthe entity responsible for making a resource availableRFC 2413
Rangesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Receivedsee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Record-Routesee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Referencessee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Referersee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Relationthe identifier of a second resource related to a primary resourceRFC 2413
Reply-Tosee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Requiresee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Resent-Bccsee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Resent-Ccsee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Resent-Datesee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Resent-Fromsee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Resent-Message-Idsee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Resent-Sendersee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Resent-Tosee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Retry-Aftersee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Return-Pathsee RFC 2822RFC 2822
RFC2822Datethe datetime associated with an email message, SIP exchange, or HTTP requestRFC 2822
Rightsa rights management statement, identifier, or linkRFC 2413
Routesee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Sendersee RFC 2822RFC 2822
Serversee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Sourceinformation about the original source of the present resourceRFC 2413
StartThe dateTime at which a state, event, or activity startsXEP-0149
StopThe dateTime at which a state, event, or activity stopsXEP-0149
Storewhether or not the stanza may be stored or archivedXEP-0131
SubIDA subscription identifer within the pubsub protocolXEP-0060
Subjectthe human-readable topic of a message or resourceRFC 2822 or RFC 2413
Supportedsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
TEsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Timea string that conforms to the Time profile specified in XEP-0082XEP-0131
Timestampsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Titlethe name given to a resourceRFC 2413
Trailersee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Transfer-Encodingsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
TTLa time to live for the stanza, in secondsXEP-0131
Typethe category of a resourceRFC 2413
Unsupportedsee RFC 3261RFC 3261
Upgradesee RFC 2616RFC 2616
UrgencyThe degree to which a message requires immediate action or attention; consistent with existing messaging triage systems, the defined values are "high", "medium", and "low"N/A
User-Agentsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Varysee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Viasee RFC 2616RFC 2616
Warningsee RFC 2616RFC 2616
WWW-Authenticatesee RFC 2616RFC 2616

Revision History

2018-08-03 Correct pubsub headers from XEP-0060 and XEP-0248. (mv)

2006-07-05 Added pubsub headers from XEP-0060. (psa)

2006-01-24 Added Start and Stop headers from XEP-0149. (psa)

2005-12-14 Added Urgency header. (psa)

2005-08-19 Added base Dublin Core metadata from RFC 2413. (psa)

2004-10-22 Initial version. (psa)