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Discuss XMPP

In addition to, there are many active discussion venues for Jabber/XMPP developers, system administrators, and end users. In addition to discussion lists and web forums specific to particular codebases, the following general venues are hosted by the XMPP Standards Foundation. These lists are all easily searchable at

For End Users

  • email list — for discussion about use of IM clients (subscribearchives)
  • Jabber support chatroom – real-time chat about using Jabber/XMPP technologies (webchatjoinlogs)

For System Admins

  • email list — for discussion about installing and configuring Jabber/XMPP server software (subscribearchives)
  • email list — for discussion about day-to-day operation of the Jabber/XMPP communications network (subscribearchives)
  • Operators chatroom – real-time chat about the Jabber/XMPP network (webchatjoinlogs)

For Developers

  • email list — for discussion about software development using Jabber/XMPP technologies (subscribearchives)
  • email list — for general discussion about XMPP protocols (subscribearchives)
  • email list — official list for XMPP Working Group discussions at the IETF (subscribearchives)
  • Developer chatroom – real-time chat about software and protocols (webchatjoinlogs)

Special-Purpose Venues

The following special-purpose mailing lists provide low-volume, high-quality discussion among developers interested in specific aspects of XMPP technologies.

  • email list — for discussion about the use of XMPP in the Internet of Things (subscribe | archives)
  • email list — for discussion about the use of XMPP as a signalling channel for multimedia session negotiation (voice, video, file sharing, etc.) as defined in XEP-0166 and related extensions (subscribearchives)
  • email list — for discussion about security issues related to XMPP, including encryption, authentication, and spam (subscribearchives)

All of these venues are completely free and open to any interested individual.