Regular Meetups

Upcoming Events

Events come and go at a speed that is sometimes hard to keep track of. Do you know of an event not listed here? Do you spot out-of-date information? Can you improve this page? Please, submit a pull request. Sprints are contributor events organized by members of the community. They focus on improving the XMPP ecosystem. You can find detailed information about sprints on the wiki page, as well as a list of past conferences.


XMPP Summits

The XSF organizes periodic in-person gatherings in order to coordinate high-bandwidth conversations, interop testing, brainstorming and planning, and to conduct other XSF business face-to-face. Attending a summit for the first time or considering to do so? This may be helpful: XMPP summits for dummies. You can get a list of past Summits on the wiki.

XMPP Standards Foundation Meetings

Please reach out to the XMPP Standards Foundation to attend their public meetings.

Past Events