Tygrys is an expansive tech suite crafted to deliver secure and efficient communication for individuals and teams. Integrating our XMPP service supplemented with a hand-made multi-platform XMPP client, email service, and comprehensive project and code management tools, the suite is designed from the ground up for seamless operation across multiple platforms. By prioritizing user privacy, Tygrys ensures that personal data remains strictly in the hands of its users, with our staunch commitment to having no data to collect and nothing to track.

XMPP Service

The Tygrys suite is centered around our powerful XMPP service, ensuring stable and secure communication. As the cornerstone of our platform, our service based on Tigase’s XMPP server guarantees high reliability and performance for all types of communication, be it private or large group chats. We are committed to continuously enhancing security, regularly implementing stronger measures to safeguard your conversations.

In addition to the XMPP service is the Tygrys Multi-platform XMPP client. Our client seamlessly connects you securely to others, across Android, Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Web. your private and group chats are safe, ensuring that every message sent and document shared is for your eyes only. The client boasts an array of features, including customizable theming, an emoji picker, file sharing, and much more, enhancing your communication experience without compromising security.

However, the Tygrys XMPP service is fully XMPP compliant, so you can use any other preferred client as well!

E-Mailing Service

Complementing the XMPP system is our email service, which adheres to the same high standards of security and privacy. Using the open source software Apache James, and being compatible with IMAP/SMTP protocols, it provides a reliable platform for managing your emails. This service is designed to streamline your email workflow, offering many modern features, with more to come.

Code and Project Management

For professionals managing projects and code, our suite includes comprehensive tools that support HTTPS, SSH, and Git protocols. Utilizing the open-source tool OneDev, we simplify project oversight, from task assignments to deadline tracking, while providing a secure environment for code repository management, version control, and collaborative coding.

With much, much more.

Tygrys is continually evolving, with a commitment to introducing new features that respond to the needs of our users. With an active support team ready to assist, Tygrys stands as a dynamic and dependable partner in your secure communications.

You can start today, and read more at tygrys.one