WebRTC + XMPP = <3

WebRTC is a free, open project that provides browsers and mobile applications with real-time communications capabilities.

Jingle, the XMPP framework for establishing p2p sessions, makes for a great pairing with WebRTC.

XMPP is particularly a great fit with WebRTC in settings where there is a desire to pair WebRTC audio/video calls with text chat, but the advantages of XMPP

Because WebRTC is a peer-to-peer protocol, multi-user experiences become exponentially complex. Pairing a WebRTC service with XMPP allows developers to dramatically reduce this complexity.

Projects using WebRTC with XMPP

There are many people pairing WebRTC with XMPP.

The Jitsi Videobridge uses the COLIBRI XEP to manage connections and conference mixing.

Jitsi Meet is an open source instant videoconferencing web application, which uses XMPP.

Combining Jitsi videobridge and Jitsi Meet into a single package, Openfire Meetings makes WebRTC video conferences simple to deploy and use.

Otalk is an open-source platform for building realtime applications using XMPP. Talky is an example of an application built using these libraries.