Erlang Solutions Ltd is the world-leading expert at building massively scalable, distributed systems using resilient, fault-tolerant and scalable technologies.

We’re the creators of MongooseIM, a scalable, extensible and efficient real-time messaging server that allows organisations to build cost-effective communication solutions. Built on the XMPP server, MongooseIM is specifically designed for businesses facing the challenge of large deployments, where real-time communication and user experience are critical. Find out more about MongooseIM here, or try out our demo system here.

MongooseIM offers:

  • High-speed & secure messaging: the best messaging server on the market for businesses to confidently deliver the optimum user experience
  • Massively scalable: to manage huge volumes of concurrent users (& future proofed to grow with your business)
  • Resilient & fault tolerant: unparalleled availability, perfect for applications requiring guaranteed uptime
  • Speed and ease of deployment: guaranteeing rapid time to market
  • On-premise deployment: removing the security risk and legal concern of the cloud
  • Reduced costs: vastly reduces your physical infrastructure and hosting requirements, enabling you to deliver billions of messages at low cost
  • Proven, reliable, no-risk technology: built on the tried and tested XMPP open standard and being used by multiple thousands of business across the world

As the creators of MongooseIM, our team is a global centre of messaging excellence, dedicated to delivering the best messaging solution for the market. Our expertise extends to other messaging technologies too - including Ejabberd & many more

As a trusted technology partner, we build and maintain transformative messaging solutions for all types of businesses - from small start- ups right through to large enterprises.