The XSF hosts a variety of chat rooms and all archives are available online.

Overview of logs

Overview of the logs of XSF chatrooms (logs)

XSF chatroom

Chat about the XMPP standards process (join | logs | webchat)

Council chatroom

The Council meets once a week in this chatroom - anyone can join in, comments from the floor are welcome (join | logs | webchat)

Editors chatroom

Chat about the XMPP standards process and the editorial work (join | logs | webchat)

Developer chatroom

Chat about build software with XMPP (join | logs | webchat)

Operators chatroom

Chat about running XMPP services (join | logs | webchat)

All of these venues are completely free and open to any interested individual. Community chats for software support etc. can be found via XMPP Chat Room Search Engine (not related to XSF business or hosting).