Dispute Resolution

In case of serious question, all disputed applications will be reviewed by the XSF Trademark Committee comprised of a XSF Director and XSF Members who have been authorized by the XSF Board of Directors to manage the trademark licensing program. We expect very few such disputes since the licensing terms are quite liberal, with the intent that everyone possible will be allowed to use the mark as long as they do not preclude others from using variations, except specific derivatives that may have been authorized to someone else. We will not and do not intercede between parties who are having disputes, so please do not ask. If you have a trademark dispute over the name you have selected which is authorized by us and a similar name is then used by someone else, please contact them and their trademark attorneys, not us. All we do is indicate our approval of using the Jabber portion of the mark. We will not knowingly approve the identical name for anyone, but we are not the trademark office, we do not make trademark searches, and we will not get involved in any dispute between licensees. The license form makes that clear.