How the Jabber Trademark Licensing Program Works

If you or someone you represent wish to use and/or register as a trademark some variation of a mark or trade name including the word Jabber, you are required to submit the required information to one of the addresses on the contact page. The information you provide will be reviewed, processed, and returned to you within a several week period, indicating the approval or disapproval of the organization of your proposed use and granting the license. The XSF reserves the right to disapprove known conflicting uses and uses deemed inimical to the Jabber community as a whole.

The criteria for review is that such a mark must not preclude others from reasonable variations of the Jabber mark and should not confuse the public into believing that the particular user and its mark or trade name are somehow an exclusive source of a Jabber product. The proposed use of the mark should also not conflict with that of an existing Jabber trademark licensee. For this reason, we have declined in the past to approve a number of proposed marks that would suggest exclusivity, would preclude other reasonable uses of the mark and other variations thereof, or where the proposed use of the mark has already been licensed to another party. If in some unusual circumstances the proposed scope of use of the mark is not be acceptable but the proposed use may be easily modified and approved, the XSF will return your application with the proposed changes included.