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Summer by the (XML) Stream

The XMPP Standards Foundation will once again be participating in the Google Summer of Code for 2007. What is a standards organization doing in the Summer of Code? Well, the Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) emerged from the Jabber open-source community and we still have many active open-source projects. Plus as previously mentioned our community is a cohesive blend of open standards, commercial organizations, and open-source developers. Here at the XSF we usually focus on the open standards part of the equation, but we actively work to encourage the creation of open-source code, too. So check out out project ideas and send in an application!

UPDATE: If you apply, ignore the mention of the application template — you do not need to fill that out in order to apply!

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  1. Alexandros Frantzis says


    Should we wait for the application template to be published?