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XSF Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the XMPP Standards Foundation oversees the business affairs of the organization. As elected by the XSF membership, the Board of Directors for 2012-2013 consists of the following individuals:

Dave Cridland

Laura Gill

Ralph Meijer

Ralph Meijer is the lead developer of several Jabber-related projects and services, including Wokkel and the XMPP support in Twisted, the Idavoll pubsub component, and Planet Jabber. Ralph has been member of the XMPP Council since 2004 and is a software developer for Rackspace.

Mike Taylor (Chair)

Mike Taylor has been working with open-source before it was even called open-source and is currently working at  &Yet as their resident DevOps person.  He has been active in the XMPP community and is constantly preaching to anyone who will listen the benefits of PubSub and Messaging.  This is his fourth term as a member of the XSF Board of Directors and was the Google Summer of Code Org Admin for the XSF in 2010.

Simon Tennant