The XMPP Council adheres to the following policies and procedures (in addition to those defined in the XSF Bylaws and XEP-0001):

  1. All XMPP Extension Protocols (XEPs) pass by a simple majority of +1 votes.
  2. A -1 vote is a veto, and the concerns of the Council member voting -1 must be addressed before the XEP can be approved.
  3. Unless noted otherwise by the XMPP Extensions Editor when announcing a Council vote, the voting period shall be ten (10) days.
  4. If a Council member does not vote within the voting period, the Council member’s vote defaults to 0 but the XMPP Extensions Editor shall track the fact that the member did not vote.
  5. If a Council member misses three votes in a row, the Council member may be subject to forfeiting his or her membership.
  6. The Council shall determine if and when to remove members (e.g.., for non-voting). In order for a member to be removed, three-quarters (75%) of all Council members must vote +1 for removal.
  7. The Council shall at its discretion determine whether to fill any vacancies on the Council, but as a matter of policy should do so if there are more than 3 months remaining in the Council’s term.
  8. In order to fill any vacancies, the Council shall call for applicants and select a new member from among the applicants.