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XMPP Council

The XMPP Council is the technical steering group that approves XMPP Extension Protocols. The Council is governed by the XSF Bylaws and XEP-0001, as augmented by various policies and procedures. The Council is elected by the members of the XMPP Standards Foundation each year in the autumn. In the interest of transparency, chatroom logs and mailing list archives are available (anyone can subscribe to the mailing list, but only Council members can post).

The fourteenth Council (2014-2015) consists of the following individuals:

Philipp Hancke

Philipp got involved in XMPP via the psyced server in 2004, which led him to author a number of specifications related to server-to-server connections. He works at &yet where he is rebuilding the videochat service using a combination of Jingle and WebRTC.

Kevin Smith (Chair)

Kevin Smith is Chair of the XMPP Council for 2014-2015, reprising his role from 2008-2014, having previously served as a Council member for 2006-2008. Kev works at Isode where he’s responsible for the M-Link server, other XMPP projects and work on the open-source Swift XMPP client. He was formerly the project leader on Psi. Kevin is also the author of several XMPP extensions and co-authored XMPP: The Definitive Guide.

Lance Stout

Lance has worked on several XMPP client/component libraries since 2010, including SleekXMPP. Lance works at &yet where he has been focusing on improving the experience of developing with XMPP in the browser, which has resulted in the new library. With the recent introduction
of WebRTC, he has been working with Philipp to create interoperable
implementations of Jingle using WebRTC.

Matthew Wild

Matthew Wild is a founder of the Prosody XMPP server project and a number of smaller XMPP projects. Matthew has been a member of the XMPP Council since 2009, has authored and co-authored various XEPs and helps maintain the IM service.

Dave Cridland

Voting History

Official votes of the XMPP Council since 2001 are documented on the following pages: