Roundup of client software

 Posted on December 3, 2010 |  2 minutes |  XMPP Roundup |  Nyco

This software Roundup has been brought to you by Neustradamus and Nyco, with the help of Mike and Will.

Coccinella 0.96.20

Sander Devrieze has released a new version 0.96.20 of Coccinella, a free and open-source cross-platform communication tool with a built-in whiteboard for improved collaboration with other people. (Linux, Mac, and Windows)

Pidgin 2.7.7

Since our last Roundup, the Pidgin Team has made great progress with the 2.7.x series, with an impressive changelog, especially related to XMPP. Get the version 2.7.7 for Linux and Windows! (Mac users will use Adium)

Vacuum-IM 1.0.2

Vacuum-IM Team has released new bugfix versions of Vacuum-IM: 1.0.1 and 1.0.2. (Mac, Linux and Windows)

Aqua 0.5 beta 3

We haven’t yet talked about Aqua, the little XMPP client for Linux. The dev team has progressed to version 0.5 beta 3 of Aqua, check this out.

Pandion 2.6.106

Sebastiaan Deckers has announced the release of Pandion 2.6.106 for Windows, with many improvements….

Jabbim 0.5.1

The Czech community is still very active, Jabbim Dev Team has released a new version of Jabbim for Windows and Linux.

Gajim 0.14.1

Yann Le Boulanger (aka Astérix) has released the bugfix version 0.14.1 of Gajim for Linux and Windows.

Swift 1.0 beta 8

Kevin Smith and Remko Tronçon have released the eighth beta version of their new client Swift. (Mac, Linux and Windows)

poezio 0.6.2

Florent Le Coz (aka Louiz) has released a new version of poezio, the small console client.

Jappix 0.2

Valérian Saliou (aka Vanaryon) has released a new version 0.2 of Jappix, the webclient codenamed “Lidar”. Jappix is seriously gaining ground these weeks.

yaxim 0.7.4

Georg Lukas has released the version 0.7.4 of yaxim. It is available on the alternate application stores SlideME and AndAppStore.

Jabbroid 0.6e

Till Klocke has released the new beta version of Jabbroid and is, as its name implies, a Jabber (XMPP) client for Android.

Salut à Toi 0.0.3

Jérôme Poisson (aka Goffi) has relased Salut à Toi 0.0.3 (“Salut à Toi” or “SàT” = “Hi to You”). The approach is original since there is one backend and multiple frontends (UI).

OneTeam alpha 3

ProcessOne has released a new version of OneTeam for private testers. It will soon be available for Linux, Mac and Windows, and as a Firefox extension.


beefon software has released a XMPP client for iPhone/iPad named Jabba.


Peregrine is a promising multi-protocol client for the MeeGo platform. Check out