XMPP Summit 10

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The tenth XMPP Summit held by the XMPP Standards Foundation happened on February 4-7, 2011, in Brussels, Belgium (the same weekend as FOSDEM 2011).

A Trip Report can be found on the XSF Blog.


Friday, February 4: XMPP Hackfest

The official XMPP Hackfest is there for people to code on XMPP, test interoperability, build or extend applications, and give a few talks about technical topics. The XMPP Hackfest happened at Cisco starting at 09:30 and running until 17:00.

The following people participated:

  1. Jukka Alakontiola (Nokia)
  2. Thijs Alkemade (Adium
  3. Thomas Baquet
  4. Ana Barbu (Yate Project)
  5. Amandeep Batra (HP)
  6. Adam Brault (&yet)
  7. Dan Brickley
  8. James Churchman (vvvrm)
  9. Diana Cionoiu (Yate Project)
  10. Dave Cridland (Isode Ltd.)
  11. Laurent Eschenauer
  12. Wayne Franklin (Trident Systems)
  13. Nathan Fritz (&yet)
  14. Alexander Gnauck (AG Software)
  15. Tero Halla-Aho (Nokia)
  16. Artur Hefczyc (Tigase)
  17. Joe Hildebrand (Cisco)
  18. Lee Hughes
  19. Emil Ivov (SIP-Communicator)
  20. Florian Jensen (Flosoft.biz)
  21. Henrik Joreteg (&yet)
  22. Wojciech Kapcia (Tigase)
  23. Tuomas Koski (Buddycloud)
  24. Steffen Larsen
  25. Stephan Maka (Buddycloud)
  26. Bartosz Małkowski (Tigase)
  27. Lubomir Marinov (SIP-Communicator)
  28. Enrico Marocco (Telecom Italia)
  29. Robert McQueen (Collabora)
  30. Ralph Meijer (Mediamatic Lab)
  31. Alexey Melnikov (Isode Ltd.)
  32. Matt Miller (Cisco)
  33. Edwin Mons
  34. Marian Podgoreanu (Yate Project)
  35. Stephen Pendleton (mov software)
  36. Johann Prieur (Tillit Technologies)
  37. Pete Resnick (Qualcomm)
  38. Ali Sabil (Tillit Technologies)
  39. Peter Saint-Andre (Cisco)
  40. Jonathan Schleifer
  41. Will Sheward (Isode Ltd.)
  42. Sjoerd Simons (Collabora)
  43. Kevin Smith (Isode, Swift)
  44. Simon Tennant (Buddycloud)
  45. Will Thompson (Collabora)
  46. Winfried Tilanus
  47. Rene Treffer
  48. Remko Tronçon (Swift)
  49. Klaas Wierenga (Cisco)
  50. Ian Wild (Heavy Horse)
  51. Matthew Wild (Prosody)
  52. Kurt Zeilenga (Isode)
  53. Florian Zeitz

Saturday, February 5: Devroom @ FOSDEM

From 13:00 until 19:00 we had a devroom where we hosted tutorials, presentations, demos, and lightning talks at FOSDEM 2011. Location: ULB Solbosh Campus (see logistics), Room AW1.121

  • The Extraordinary, Magical Powers and Possibilities of XMPP by Remko Tronçon (Swift)
  • Building a fantastic Rube Goldberg device with Jabber-RPC! by Dann Martens (Tomoton)
  • XMPP and Security by Dave Cridland (Isode Ltd.)
  • Stump the XMPP Experts! Open Q&A by the XMPP Council and book authors
  • Chat with with your contact database: CiviCRM & XMPP as your personal assistant by Xavier Dutoit
  • XMPP Conf Calls: One Way or Another by Emil Ivov (SIP Communicator/Jitsi)
  • YateClient by Diana Cionoiu (Yate Project)
  • XMPP - Cloud 2.0. Maybe Later by Kevin Smith
  • Federated Social Networking by Simon Tennant (Buddycloud)
  • Federated Social Networking by Ralph Meijer

Sunday, February 6: FOSDEM

Developers are free to attend the second day of the FOSDEM conference. This year we did not have a booth (sorry!) so hallway discussions were the order of the day.

Sunday, February 6: Official XSF Dinner

The Official XSF Dinner, open to any XSF Member (+ guest) and sponsors was held at Auberge Bretonne (Brusselsesteenweg 670, 3090 Overijse). A coach was been organized to take all the participants from the Hotel to the Dinner and back. The Dinner was supported by:


  1. Jukka Alakontiola (Nokia) - Sponsor
  2. Ana Barbu (Yate Project) - Sponsor
  3. Richard Barnes (BBN) - Invited by Joe Hildebrand
  4. Brian Bintz (Enterprise Management, Inc) - Sponsor
  5. Adam Brault (&yet) - Sponsor
  6. Diana Cionoiu (Yate Project) - XSF Member
  7. Dave Cridland (Isode Ltd.) - XSF Member
  8. Nathan Fritz (&yet) - XSF Member + Sponsor
  9. Alexander Gnauck (AG Software) - XSF Member + Sponsor
  10. Per Gustafsson (Google)
  11. Tero Halla-Aho (Nokia) - Sponsor
  12. Artur Hefczyc (Tigase) - XSF Member + Sponsor
  13. Joe Hildebrand (Cisco) - XSF Member
  14. Lee Hughes - Invited by Florian Jensen
  15. Florian Jensen (Flosoft.biz) - XSF Member
  16. Henrik Joreteg (&yet)
  17. Wojciech Kapcia (Tigase) - Invited by Artur Hefczyc
  18. Tuomas Koski (Buddycloud) - XSF Member
  19. Steffen Larsen - XSF Member
  20. Jonas Lindberg (Google)
  21. Stephan Maka (Buddycloud) - XSF Member
  22. Bartosz Małkowski (Tigase) - XSF Member
  23. Tobias Markmann - XSF Member
  24. Robert McQueen (Collabora) - XSF Member + Sponsor
  25. Dann Martens (Tomoton)
  26. Ralph Meijer (Mediamatic Lab) - XSF Member
  27. Alexey Melnikov (Isode Ltd.) - XSF Member + Sponsor
  28. Matt Miller (Cisco) - XSF Member
  29. Edwin Mons - XSF Member 30. Marian Podgoreanu (Yate Project) - Sponsor
  30. Johann Prieur (Tillit Technologies) - XSF Member
  31. Pete Resnick (Qualcomm) - Invited by Peter Saint-Andre
  32. Ali Sabil (Tillit Technologies) - XSF Member
  33. Peter Saint-Andre (Cisco) - XSF Member
  34. Jonathan Schleifer - XSF Member 36. Will Sheward (Isode Ltd.) - Sponsor
  35. Pavel Šimerda (Netinstall) - Sponsor
  36. Sjoerd Simons (Collabora) - Sponsor
  37. Kevin Smith (Isode, Swift) - XSF Member + Sponsor
  38. Stefan Strigler - Invited by Winfried Tilanus
  39. Simon Tennant (Buddycloud) - Invited by Tuomas Koski
  40. Will Thompson (Collabora) - Sponsor
  41. Winfried Tilanus - Sponsor
  42. Ian Wild (Heavy Horse) - Invited by Matthew Wild
  43. Matthew Wild (Prosody) - XSF Member
  44. Kurt Zeilenga (Isode) - XSF Member + Sponsor
  45. Florian Zeitz

Monday, February 7: XMPP Summit

The official “XMPP Summit” itself: Intensive discussions among core XMPP developers to solve pressing problems in the XMPP protocol stack. Summit are not intended for people who are just interested in learning about XMPP (see the Saturday schedule), but instead for active technical contributors in the XMPP community.

This year, Monday afternoon (13:00-16:30) was dedicated to an interim meeting of the IETF’s XMPP Working Group. The focus was on internationalization issues. The IETF’s “Note Well” rules applied to the afternoon session – see http://www.ietf.org/about/note-well.html for details.

Monday morning (09:30-12:00) was be used to cover XSF topics such as XEP-0198, distributed MUC, digital signatures, and dialback improvements.

Location: Cisco.

The following people registered to participate:

  1. Jukka Alakontiola (Nokia)
  2. Thomas Baquet
  3. Ana Barbu (Yate Project)
  4. Amandeep Batra (HP)
  5. Richard Barnes (BBN)
  6. Adam Brault (&yet)
  7. Ben Campbell (Tekelec)
  8. James Churchman (vvvrm)
  9. Diana Cionoiu (Yate Project)
  10. Dave Cridland (Isode Ltd.)
  11. Wayne Franklin (Trident Systems)
  12. Nathan Fritz (&yet)
  13. Alexander Gnauck (AG Software)
  14. Per Gustafsson (Google)
  15. Tero Halla-Aho (Nokia)
  16. Artur Hefczyc (Tigase)
  17. Joe Hildebrand (Cisco)
  18. Lee Hughes
  19. Florian Jensen (Flosoft.biz)
  20. Henrik Joreteg (&yet)
  21. Wojciech Kapcia (Tigase)
  22. Tuomas Koski (Buddycloud)
  23. Steffen Larsen
  24. Jonas Lindberg (Google)
  25. Stephan Maka (Buddycloud)
  26. Bartosz Małkowski (Tigase)
  27. Tobias Markmann
  28. Robert McQueen (Collabora)
  29. Ralph Meijer (Mediamatic Lab)
  30. Alexey Melnikov (Isode Ltd.)
  31. Matt Miller (Cisco)
  32. Edwin Mons
  33. Nobuo Ogashiwa
  34. Marian Podgoreanu (Yate Project)
  35. Alex Rogers (Mondago Ltd.
  36. Stephen Pendleton (mov software)
  37. Johann Prieur (Tillit Technologies)
  38. Mickaël Rémond (ProcessOne)
  39. Pete Resnick (Qualcomm)
  40. Peter Saint-Andre (Cisco)
  41. Jonathan Schleifer
  42. Ali Sabil (Tillit Technologies)
  43. Jérôme Sautret (ProcessOne)
  44. Sjoerd Simons (Collabora)
  45. Kevin Smith (Isode, Swift)
  46. Stefan Strigler
  47. Simon Tennant (Buddycloud)
  48. Will Thompson (Collabora)
  49. Winfried Tilanus
  50. Rene Treffer
  51. Remko Tronçon (Swift)
  52. Ian Wild (Heavy Horse)
  53. Matthew Wild (Prosody)
  54. Kurt Zeilenga (Isode)
  55. Florian Zeitz

Dev Challenge

Nokia and MobileVikings generously sponsored the second XMPP Dev Challenge offering as a main prize a Nokia N8 and mobile internet for all during the weekend.

All information about the Dev Challenge, can be found here.