First Kraków XMPP meetup

Following and reinforcing the trend of XMPP meetups across Europe (Berlin, Stockholm, London, and Paris), here is Kraków!

Tigase and MongooseIM teams will join forces to offer you three presentations:

  • “Why use XMPP for IoT?” by Andrzej Wojcik from Tigase
  • “ICE, STUN, and TURN” by Rafal Slota and Szymon Mentel from Erlang Solutions
  • “Fantastic XMPP use-cases” by Piotr Nosek from Erlang Solutions

It will take place on the 10th of May, it is a Wednesday.

All details are available at! Please join the “XMPP/Jabber Messaging Kraków” group and RSVP.