Elbe-Sprint Hamburg 2023: Post-Sprint Summary

 Posted on August 4, 2023 |  3 minutes |  Events |  XMPP Communication Team and Contributors

Elbe-Sprint 2023: Post-Sprint Summary In June the Elbe-Sprint 2023 took place in Hamburg and it was a great first experience after all the pandemic in the past years for many participants. In this blog post we want to summarize progress we’ve made during the sprint. First of all, many thanks to the CCCHH and their members for offering the opportunity and their space in Hamburg-Altona. It was a great location and it served the purpose well.[Read More]

Elbe-Sprint Hamburg 2023

 Posted on April 17, 2023 |  2 minutes |  Events |  XMPP Communication Team and Contributors

Elbe-Sprint Hamburg 2023 - Source: Wiki Commons, Container terminals in port of Hamburg A new sprint is being organised within the XMPP Community: The Elbe-Sprint Hamburg! We will have several days of good and fruitful exchange and projects. Many thanks to the Chaos Computer Club Hansestadt Hamburg (CCCHH) for offering their space! The sprint will be all around XMPP and offer the opportunity to meet, present, discuss, but also work on your projects and implementations.[Read More]

Return of experience on XMPP meetup in Krakow

 Posted on September 28, 2017 |  3 minutes |  Events |  Nÿco

In May of 2017 a meetup was organized in Krakow, Poland. We announced it on the XSF blog, and on meetup.com (also a few social networks). The response from the XMPP/Jabber community was very positive, as we were fresh off the heels of FOSDEM and many members had just recently met at the XMPP Summit. Philosophy & goals Firstly, it was a cooperation between Tigase and MongooseIM. Both organizations provide open source XMPP server software and bring professional expertise to the protocol and its ecosystem.[Read More]

First Kraków XMPP meetup

 Posted on April 28, 2017 |  1 minutes |  Events |  Nÿco

Following and reinforcing the trend of XMPP meetups across Europe (Berlin, Stockholm, London, and Paris), here is Kraków! Tigase and MongooseIM teams will join forces to offer you three presentations: “Why use XMPP for IoT?” by Andrzej Wojcik from Tigase “ICE, STUN, and TURN” by Rafal Slota and Szymon Mentel from Erlang Solutions “Fantastic XMPP use-cases” by Piotr Nosek from Erlang Solutions It will take place on the 10th of May, it is a Wednesday.[Read More]

First Paris XMPP meetup

 Posted on March 23, 2017 |  1 minutes |  Events |  Nÿco

After Berlin, Stockholm, and London, here is Paris. The trend of new XMPP meetups in major cities in Europe is confirmed.

The Paris meetup is simply organised by the JabberFr community, as this will be mostly oriented discussions on modern XMPP/Jabber.

Details are available on JabberFr, LinuxFr.org, and agendadulibre.

Upcoming events

 Posted on May 30, 2014 |  1 minutes |  Events |  laura

Until our new website launches with a dedicated ‘whats on’ section, I wanted to share some events coming up that might be of interest to our community. Rikard Stridof Clayster is speaking at 2 events in June, focussing in on XMPP and IoT. Fo those of you over in America (or for those that now have an excuse to head that way!) here are the details: 12 June: IOT Expo in NYC 16 June: IOT World in Silicon Valley Hopefully we can get a blog post from Rikard after the events, to share the goodness with everyone that couldn’t attend.[Read More]

XMPP on the Global Internet of Things Day

 Posted on April 7, 2014 |  1 minutes |  Events |  joachim.lindborg

The 9th of april is the Global IoT day (Internet of Things day) on the site iotday.org and on iotlive.org events and meetups around the world are celebrating and connecting live devices. #IoTDayStockholm is coordinating several schedules from events in different time zones and will be having workshops creating XMPP IoT enabled devices. These will be open to interact with, to read and write values over the secure XMPP network.[Read More]

Third Security Test Day

 Posted on March 21, 2014 |  2 minutes |  Events |  stpeter

Tomorrow sees the third security test day. Security test days help XMPP operators test-run with strong encryption settings prior to the big encryption switch-over scheduled for 19 May 2014. A large number of XMPP sites have already signed up to the ubiquitous encryption manifesto. More so, some of the participating sites have already permanently enabled strong encryption prior to the manifesto’s go-live date! One of the sites is Crypho. CTO Dr.[Read More]

Second Security Test Day

 Posted on February 18, 2014 |  1 minutes |  Events |  stpeter

This Saturday (February 22, 2014), XMPP site operators are again flipping the “encrypt all traffic” switch. This is the second of four test days kicked off by the manifesto first published last fall. The aim is to encrypt all traffic between servers and clients on the public, federated XMPP network. You can take part, too: ensure you have valid certificates on your server and that encryption is properly set up (see http://wiki.[Read More]

Security Test Day is tomorrow 4 Jan 2014

 Posted on January 3, 2014 |  2 minutes |  Events |  bear

Tomorrow many of the folks who run public (and some that run private) facing XMPP servers will be doing a ubiquitous security test of the XMPP network. Like the IPv6 test days, on the 4th January XMPP server operators are turning on TLS encryption for s2s and c2s connections and testing to see what doesn’t work and what needs more work. The participants of this effort would like you to join others in the XMPP community and help secure users private communications.[Read More]