The XMPP Newsletter, 28 February 2018

 Posted on February 28, 2018 |  2 minutes |  Newsletter |  jcbrand

Welcome to the first edition of our newsletter.

Eve Online, the massively multiplayer online role-playing game have announced that they are using Ejabberd in a new chat backend and ProcessOnce have written a a blog article about it.

Staying with games, Epic Games have written a postmortem of a service outage where they mention certain stats related to their usage of XMPP.

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Alex Rogers, who attended the 22nd XMPP summit and participated in discussions around the business case for federation, has been featured in an article from UC Today titled Integrating the Islands of IM: The Continual Rise of XMPP.

Alan R. Earls wrote an article for IoT Agenda discussing XMPP as protocol for Internet-of-Things applications: XMPP: IoT protocol winner, or second place to MQTT?

Arnaud Joset has created Errol, an XMPP Automatic file sender as well as a demonstration of website authentication with XMPP account.

Christian Schudt has written about his implementation of XEP-0390 Entity Capabilities 2.0 in Babbler, the Java XMPP library.

Jérôme Poisson has written about the 0.7 release of Salut à Toi, and the fact that its web frontend Libervia is now a web framework in Build a decentralized internet with Libervia (Salut à Toi).

Daniel Gakwaya has created a course on Udemy, titled XMPP and Smack and has written a friendly introduction to XMPP.

Ivan Vučica compares IRC and XMPP in his blog post: What can XMPP do that IRC can’t?.

JC Brand has created a badge for linking to your project’s XMPP chat, and wrote a short summary of the The 2018 XSF Summit.

Paul Schaub has written about the new XEPs added to Smack.

German website Die Datenschutzhelden (The privacy heroes) wrote an article comparing XMPP/OMEMO with Whatsapp. Here is the Google machine translated version and the original German article: OMEMO: XMPP im Direktvergleich mit WhatsApp.

Server host wrote why they don’t fully support the “Jabber Spam Fighting Manifesto”.

Software releaseѕ

Erlang Solutions have released MongooseIM 2.1.1

Tigase 7.1.3 has been released.

OpenFire 4.2.2 has been released.

W. Martin Borgert wrote Pain in the APT, which lets you “pester people about available package updates by email or jabber”.

There were 3.3.x releases of Converse.js.

Fork Awesome, a fork of Font Awesome which includes more community contributed icons, now has an XMPP icon.