XSF's Google Summer of Code 2019 Projects

 Posted on June 17, 2019 |  2 minutes |  Google Summer of Code |  Flow

The XMPP Standards Foundation is happy to act as umbrella organization for Google Summer of Code (GSoC) 2019. This year we are glad to mentor and support the following three GSoC projects.

Prosody plugin installer

Student: João Duarte GSoC Blog: https://gsoc-prosody-2019.blogspot.com Project: Prosody - An XMPP server written in Lua Mentors: MattJ, Zash

João lives in Portugal and usually studies Aerospace Engineering. This summer he will be developing an integration between Prosody and the LuaRocks package manager and ecosystem,allowing installation and management of third-party Prosody modules via simple commands.

Poezio infinite scrolling using MAM

Student: Madhur Garg GSoC Blog: https://madhur96.github.io/gsoc19/ Project: Poezio - A free console XMPP client in Python Mentors: pep, Link Mauve

Madhur is a student of the International Institute of Information Technology in Hyderabad, India. He likes Python and C++. Outside of programming, he likes guitar and trekking. This summer he will be working on adding “Infinite scroll” support to poezio, the console client, using XEP-0313: Message Archive Management, as well as some other general improvements.

Jingle File Transfer for Dino

Student: hrxi GSoC Blog: https://hrxi.github.io/gsoc/ Project: Dino - A modern open-source chat client for the desktop in Vala Mentors: fixah, la|r|ma

hrxi will implement encrypted peer-to-peer Jingle file transfers in Dino. The encrypted connection will be set up by either one of the supported encryption protocols of Dino, OMEMO and OpenPGP. In order to achieve compatibility with web clients, it is planned to support WebRTC as a transport protocol. The implementation will be done in a way that allows building support for audio/video chat on top of it. hrxi is based in Germany, studies mathematics and computer science, and likes to write code in Rust.