• To ensure that the XSF “voice” is unified, consistent and exactly that – the voice of the XSF. As the XSF Board, this is absolutely our responsibility
  • To reflect the XSF’s marketing message
  • To prepare for the launch of the new website with a “clean up” of our communications


  • All accounts (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email names/signatures etc.) purporting to be an official capacity for the XSF require approval from the Board
  • The Board MUST have admin access and rights to those social accounts
  • Any account that is not on the “approved” list may not carry the name XSF, the XSF logo nor claim to be a representative or voice of the XSF
  • The Council have pre-approval to publish technical content, decisions and views on behalf of the XSF


The accounts currently in use will need to be either be handed over to the XSF or shut down.

In other words, saying you are a member of the XSF is fine, but signing your letter “[NAME], XSF Member” would be implying a level of officialdom that would need to be approved by the Board.

The above communications proposal applies to social media accounts, emails and written communications.

The Board is working with the Officers of the corporation to understand what this means for them.