XMPP Summit 13 in Brussels

This is just a quick note to inform you that the XSF will hold its 13th XMPP Summit in Brussels, Belgium on January 31 and February 1, 2013. This is Thursday and Friday before FOSDEM 2013. Details are on the wiki at http://wiki.xmpp.org/web/Summit_13 and join the summit@xmpp.org list to discuss.

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XMPP Summit

We’ve decided to hold the next XMPP Summit in Portland, Oregon at the end of October. Mark your calendars for October 25th, which is the day after the Keeping it Realtime conference. Co-locating the XMPP Summit with krtconf makes a lot of sense, since both events are focused on building real-time applications. Many details are yet to be worked out (e.g., we might hold a two-day Summit instead of a one-day Summit), but we will post again in a few weeks once we know more. [Read More]

XMPP Summit 11

The 11th XMPP Summit will be held on February 3-6, 2011, in Brussels, Belgium (the same weekend as FOSDEM 2012).

We are using a wiki page for coordination, please go there!

XMPP Summit coming soon to a FOSDEM near you!

As you’ll be aware if you’ve been following the XSF’s mailing lists and chatrooms, FOSDEM 2012 is coming, and that means it’s also time for the XMPP Summit 11. A rough timetable is: Friday 3rd February - XSF Interop Day (Hosted by Cisco in Diegem) The testing to be done is being organized as I type on our mailing list at interop@xmpp.org Saturday 4th February - XMPP Realtime Lounge at FOSDEM, XMPP Talks at FOSDEM If you’ve some fun project to demo at our stand, the Realtime Lounge, or an exciting talk about XMPP and related topics, we still have speaking slots available - tell us your idea on the summit@xmpp. [Read More]

Brussels Trip Report

Once again the XMPP community came together recently in Brussels to discuss XMPP technologies at the XMPP Summit and to evangelize at the Free and Open Source Software Developers' European Meeting (FOSDEM). Here is a brief “trip report” from yours truly, XSF executive director Peter Saint-Andre. The weekend consisted of several related events: a “hackfest” on Friday at the Cisco offices outside Brussels, a “devroom” on Saturday afternoon at FOSDEM (held at a local university), an official XSF dinner on Sunday evening, and Monday it was back to the Cisco offices for the XMPP Summit in the morning and an interim meeting of the IETF’s XMPP Working Group in the afternoon. [Read More]

XMPP Summit 10 update

Six days (!) until the tenth XMPP Summit to be held by the XMPP Standards Foundation will happen. Yes, in less than a week, a collection of XMPP devs and geeks will swarm the FOSDEM 2011 conference (February 4-7, 2011, in Brussels, Belgium) and dazzle folks with how distributed systems are supposed to work. Please do visit the XMPP Summit wiki page for a detailed breakdown of the schedule and also to register/sign up for any of the events. [Read More]

XMPP Summit 10 at FOSDEM 2011 - update

In a bit more than two weeks (!) the tenth XMPP Summit to be held by the XMPP Standards Foundation will happen. February 4-7, 2011, in Brussels, Belgium (the same weekend as FOSDEM 2011). The space available for the Summit itself has already reached the room capacity for the Feb 7th Summit day and there are only a handful of slots available for the Feb 4th Hackfest! Sponsors are still being sought for the XSF Dinner and I’m hearing talk that details of the Dev Challenge will be known very soon! [Read More]

The XMPP Summit 10 is coming!

Hey, the 10th XMPP Summit is coming up quickly, so we’re preparing the participant lists so that we know for how many people we need to book venues etc. So it would be great if you’re joining us for the Summit 10 in Brussels this year, if you could leave a comment on the XMPP.org page or just say hi on the Summit list.: XMPP Summit 10 Page That page will also list all the information you’ll need to know about this years Summit (some parts are still work in progress :) ). [Read More]

XMPP Summit 10

The tenth XMPP Summit held by the XMPP Standards Foundation happened on February 4-7, 2011, in Brussels, Belgium (the same weekend as FOSDEM 2011). A Trip Report can be found on the XSF Blog. Friday, February 4: XMPP Hackfest Saturday, February 5: Devroom @ FOSDEM Sunday, February 6: FOSDEM Sunday, February 6: Official XSF Dinner Monday, February 7: XMPP Summit Dev Challenge  Friday, February 4: XMPP Hackfest The official XMPP Hackfest is there for people to code on XMPP, test interoperability, build or extend applications, and give a few talks about technical topics. [Read More]

XMPP Summit 9

The ninth XMPP Summit to be held by the XMPP Standards Foundation was held at OSCON 2010 in Portland, Oregon (USA) on Monday July 19 and Tuesday July 20, 2010. Participants The following people registered their participation in advance: lya Braude Nathan Fritz Joe Hildebrand Steffen Larsen Jérôme Sautret Jon Snyder Lance Stout Mike Taylor Angela Thomas Kurt Zeilenga Matt Miller Dave Richards Eero Neuenschwander Tuomas Koski Agenda Interop BOSH C2S Encryption S2S Hacks Sleek Hackfest Specs Carbons BOSH/WebSockets Time-Based Implicit Invites to PEP OneSocial Demos OneSocialWeb &yet XMPP web client DragonForce Day One Summary After a brief welcome and introductions the attendees created the Agenda using the barcamp style. [Read More]