XMPP Summit coming soon to a FOSDEM near you!

 Posted on January 6, 2012 |  2 minutes |  XMPP Summit |  dwd

As you’ll be aware if you’ve been following the XSF’s mailing lists and chatrooms, FOSDEM 2012 is coming, and that means it’s also time for the XMPP Summit 11.

A rough timetable is:

Friday 3rd February - XSF Interop Day (Hosted by Cisco in Diegem)

The testing to be done is being organized as I type on our mailing list at interop@xmpp.org

Saturday 4th February - XMPP Realtime Lounge at FOSDEM, XMPP Talks at FOSDEM If you’ve some fun project to demo at our stand, the Realtime Lounge, or an exciting talk about XMPP and related topics, we still have speaking slots available - tell us your idea on the summit@xmpp.org mailing list. Talks start at 11:00, and run through to 19:00.

Sunday 5th February - XMPP Realtime Lounge at FOSDEM

More demos of unusual and inventive uses of XMPP throughout the day at the Realtime Lounge.

Monday 6th February - XMPP Summit 11 (Hosted by Cisco at Diegem)

Technical talks and discussion for the participants of the standards@xmpp.org mailing list.

All this, and evening entertainment too - on Friday, there’s the FOSDEM Beer Event (Look for the XSF logo projected onto the ceiling to find us there!), and on Saturday, we’ll have the XSF Dinner - free to XSF Members, and sponsors are always welcome - and very popular on the night!

If you’re coming, join the summit@xmpp.org mailing list and make yourself known - we’re busy organizing hotel deals, speakers, demos, and so on there, so you’ll be able to get the best deals we can wangle and be ahead of the game.

See you all there!