Jitsi 2.0 Now Released!

 Posted on March 7, 2013 |  1 minutes |  Miscellaneous |  Neustradamus

With support for audio and video calls, Jitsi has long had one of the richest Jingle implementations. Now the project has added even more on top of that: Multiparty Video Conferencing.

One of the most prominent new features in the 2.0 release is Multiparty Video Conferencing. Such conferences can work in an ad-hoc mode where one of the clients relays video to everyone else, or in cases that require scalability, Jitsi can use the Jitsi Videobridge: an RTP relaying server controlled over XMPP. That control happens through COLIBRI, a new XMPP extension that the Jitsi community developed for the purpose and that we hope to see submitted as a XEP in the following weeks.

Other interesting features in the new release include support for XEP-0308 (Last Message Correction), support for Opus, VP8 and integration with Microsoft Outlook for presence and calls.

Check out the full announcement and change log at: https://jitsi.org/

You can download Jitsi from: https://jitsi.org/Main/Download