The XSF as a Fiscal Host

Managing funds is easy when you’re a large project owned by an incorporated entity with accountants at your disposal, or when you’re a small project run by one person who accepts and uses all donations. When you’re in between, however, it can be difficult to handle. If you’re a project with a few regular contributors but no bank account, who handles the money? For many projects the answer is a fiscal host. [Read More]

Instant Messaging: Es geht nicht um die App

This is the German translation of the original blog post. Dies ist die deutsche Übersetzung des ursprünglichen Blogeintrags. Vielen Dank für die Korrekturlesung Daniel Brötzmann, Martin und Paul Schaub! Andere Übersetzungen: Español Française Română Kürzlich haben sich mehrere Leute bei mir gemeldet und gefragt, welche Art von Messenger sie jetzt verwenden sollten - sie sagten, dass ihnen nicht klar sei, worauf sie achten sollten und ob sie von einem der allgemein bekannten Messenger zu einem anderen wechseln sollten. [Read More]

Mensajería instantánea: No se trata de la aplicación

This is the Spanish translation of the original blog post. Esta es la traducción al español de la entrada original del blog. Muchas gracias a Alejandra Pulido por la corrección. Otras traducciones: Deutsch Française Română Recientemente, varias personas se han puesto en contacto conmigo para preguntarme qué tipo de mensajería instantánea deberían utilizar ahora; me han dicho que, en realidad, no entienden de qué deberían preocuparse y si deberían cambiar de uno de los proveedores de mensajería instantánea comúnmente conocidos a otro. [Read More]

Mesagerie instantanee: Nu este vorba despre aplicație

This is the Romanian translation of the original blog post. Aceasta este traducerea în limba română a postării originale de pe blog. Thanks for reviewing Licaon_Kter! Alte traduceri: Deutsch Español Française Mai multe persoane m-au contactat recent întrebându-mă ce fel de aplicație de mesagerie ar trebui să folosească acum - au spus că de fapt nu înțeleg despre ce ar trebui să fie preocupați și dacă ar trebui să treacă de la una dintre cele cunoscute la alta. [Read More]

Messagerie instantanée : Il ne s'agit pas de l'application

This is the French translation of the original blog post. Cet article est la traduction française de l’article original du blog. Thanks to anubis, mathieui, nÿco, pmaziere, pulkomandy and ysabeau for their translation and review! Autres traductions : Deutsch Español Română Parce qu’elles ne comprennent pas les critères à prendre en compte pour le choix d’un type de messagerie instantanée, plusieurs personnes m’ont récemment contacté pour me demander lequel ils devraient utiliser et si elles devraient migrer d’une des solutions ayant pignon sur rue à une autre du même acabit. [Read More]

Instant Messaging: It's not about the app

Translations: Deutsch Español Française Română Several people have recently reached out to me asking what kind of messenger they should be using now - they said that they actually do not understand what they should be concerned about and whether they should switch from one of the commonly known messengers to another. I wondered how to answer this. Obviously, I could simply have advocated for XMPP (Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol), but then I thought this might not be a helpful answer by itself. [Read More]

New XMPP Software Listing Rules

The XSF provides a public list of XMPP implementations on its website. For this list to be useful, it should contain up-to-date information about up-to-date software. To achieve this, the XSF Board has decided that all implementations have to reapply once per year, to ensure that they are still actively maintained and that the listed info is accurate. This is a purely formal process, though we encourage implementors to follow the current compliance suites. [Read More]

Eyeball Networks become an XSF Sponsor

We’re happy to announce that Eyeball Networks are the latest organisation to become an XSF Sponsor. Eyeball Networks pioneered the STUN/TURN/ICE device-to-device connection technologies adopted by communications standards including SIP, XMPP, IMS, PacketCable, IBM Sametime, Microsoft Lync, and now WebRTC. You can read more about them here. Sponsors are vital to the ability of the XSF to continue to fulfil its mission to build an open, secure, feature-rich, decentralized infrastructure for real-time communication and collaboration over the Internet. [Read More]

An introduction to

At the recent Summit 17, we were very happy to welcome Dominik Renzel and István Koren from the recently launched site The declared mission of the project is to: "collect and to present scientific research work based on XMPP" The site, which is a collaboration between RWTH Aachen University and Technische Universität Dresden, contains articles on recent XMPP-related research, demos and a comprehensive bibliography. They’ve recently blogged about their experiences at Summit 17. [Read More]

No, it's not the end of XMPP for Google Talk

There’s some recent discussion about the sky falling for XMPP at Google. See this blog post by Dan York for example. In reality, we don’t know the state of XMPP inside Google because they don’t share their use of XMPP with the XSF. We do know Android’s Google Cloud Messaging uses it. We know Hangouts Videochat uses it. We know Google Talk still (insecurely) federates with (some) XMPP services. But from an outside perspective, Google has made no major recent changes in terms of how they’re using XMPP from what we can observe. [Read More]