XSF will be present at FOSDEM 2014

 Posted on December 18, 2013 |  1 minutes |  FOSDEM |  bear

The XSF will once again be attending FOSDEM 2014 and we will showcase the latest developments in bringing XMPP into the browser as a first class citizen and demonstrating how XMPP can be used in today’s world.

We will also explore and demonstrate how XMPP can be used to solve many of the issues in today’s world of connected devices. The XSF will be part of the Internet-of-Things room and will show IoT technology based on the released IoT extensions.

Other areas to be explored will be the synergies afforded between Jingle, WebRTC and a lot of other TLA’s and protocols that may or may not contain angle brackets :)

More details as we know them will be announced on the Members mailing list.