We’re very excited to be back at FOSDEM in person this year. Once again, many members of the XMPP community will be attending, and we hope to see you there! Realtime Lounge As usual, we will have the Realtime Lounge set up, where you can come and meet community members, project developers, see demos and ask us questions. Note that this year we will be in a slightly different location to usual - on the ground floor of the K building.[Read More]

XSF will be present at FOSDEM 2014

The XSF will once again be attending FOSDEM 2014 and we will showcase the latest developments in bringing XMPP into the browser as a first class citizen and demonstrating how XMPP can be used in today’s world. We will also explore and demonstrate how XMPP can be used to solve many of the issues in today’s world of connected devices. The XSF will be part of the Internet-of-Things room and will show IoT technology based on the released IoT extensions.[Read More]

FOSDEM 2012 Report

On February 3-6, the XSF and members of the XMPP community participated in both XMPP Summit 11 and FOSDEM 2012 in Brussels, Belgium. This is a late report about the activities there, based on the notes made at the time about the Summit and FOSDEM in general. With regard to community outreach, we had a very successful presence at FOSDEM. In addition to the devroom, where we brought together a full afternoon of talks about XMPP and related topics, we also hosted a “real-time lounge” in one of the buildings on the ULB campus.[Read More]

FOSDEM podcast: Simon Tennant

This is the fourth and last in a series of podcasts made at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.

Today, we are listening toSimon Tennant.

Simon is running BuddyCloud, a federated social network based on XMPP.

FOSDEM podcast: Dave Cridland

This is the second in a series of podcasts made at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.

Today, we are listening to Dave Cridland.

Dave is serving on the XSF Council, and is working on M-Link, the XMPP server by Isode.

FOSDEM podcast: Fabio Forno

This is the first in a series of podcasts made at FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium.

Today, we are listening to Fabio Forno.

Fabio contributes to many codebases, such as Twisted Matrix, Lampiro, Araneo, proxy65, and more.

Information Flow in XMPP Clients @ FOSDEM 09

Those who attended FOSDEM would have seen Dave Cridland typing furiously during the day’s other XMPP talks when everyone else was paying attention to the speakers. Some might have assumed that this was because Dave hadn’t written his presentation until the day he was due to give it. Dave assures me however that he was ‘rewriting’ the presentation to take account of the lack of internet connectivity which crippled his plans for application demos.[Read More]

Large Scale XMPP Deployments @ FOSDEM 09

In his talk at FOSDEM this year Florian Jensen, CTO and co-founder of Flosoft, talked about the challenges involved in setting up and administering a large scale XMPP deployment. Forian’s slides are available in PDF format here

[caption id=“attachment_386” align=“aligncenter” width=“422” caption=“Florian Jensen @ FOSDEM 2009”]Florian Jensen @ FOSDEM 2009[/caption]

Florian’s own entertaining description of his adventures at FOSDEM can be found on his blog.