Board goals for 2015

 Posted on March 23, 2015 |  2 minutes |  XSF Organisational |  laura

When our newest Board of Directors were elected, they decided that they wanted to set some goals against which their achievements as Board members could be measured.

And so this journey began…

We started by asking the community what THEY cared about and what they wanted the Board to focus on.

We took this information, turned it into measurable objectives and then asked the community to vote - what did they think the most important areas to focus on? There was a lot of debate here, and we listened - the measurables could have been something else, there are other ways of looking at this etc - but, we had to commit to something or a year on we would still be working how to measure what we were doing!

And this is what got decided (the meeting minutes can be found here.)

% based goals

percentage copy.jpg

We recognised that there were two top scorers - website traffic and membership engagement. While membership engagement is of obvious importance, the Board felt that engagement would be covered by other activities and was possibly too inwardly focussed.

  • Decision: Website traffic

Binary goals

binary copy.jpg

For our binary goal, there was a clear leader, although a difficult goal! How we achieve this goal needs more discussion, but the decision was unanimous.

  • Decision: IOT strategy

Soft goals

soft copy.jpg

While the ‘Benefits of federation’ was clearly the highest rated objective for our “soft goal”, the Board recognised that this was simply an aspect of XMPP positioning.

  • Decision: XMPP positioning

And that is where we are at. The % based goal and XMPP positioning are both being worked on at the moment, through the development of our new website.

We will keep you posted with our progress…