XSF Board and Council 2019-2020 Elections

 Posted on October 24, 2019 |  1 minutes |  XSF Organisational |  guus

The XMPP Standards Foundation will elect the 2019-2020 XSF Board and Council soon. Each year the members of the XSF choose new people to provide technical leadership on the XMPP Council and business leadership on the XSF Board of Directors. For the upcoming election, the XSF is looking for candidates for both roles! Candidates for the XMPP Council are searched for within the ranks of the XSF Members, while the role of Director of the XSF Board is open to anyone.[Read More]

Seeking new XSF Treasurer

 Posted on July 6, 2015 |  1 minutes |  XSF Organisational |  Simon

Until now, St Peter has been handling the XSF Treasurer role. He’s stepping down from the role and the XSF Board is looking for someone new. The role of Treasurer includes overall responsibility for the financial affairs of the XSF. The future treasurer would: Maintain and monitor the XSF’s bank account with Wells Fargo NA Maintain and monitor the XSF’s post office box File income tax reports (Form 990) with the US IRS Pay franchise taxes with the State of Delaware Pay corporate registration fees with NRAI Pay for relevant domain name registrations Send invoices to XSF sponsors Reimburse XSF members for approved out-of-pockets costs Report on XSF finances to the Board of Directors So we’re looking for someone new.[Read More]

Board goals for 2015

 Posted on March 23, 2015 |  2 minutes |  XSF Organisational |  laura

When our newest Board of Directors were elected, they decided that they wanted to set some goals against which their achievements as Board members could be measured. And so this journey began… We started by asking the community what THEY cared about and what they wanted the Board to focus on. We took this information, turned it into measurable objectives and then asked the community to vote - what did they think the most important areas to focus on?[Read More]

2013 Annual Meeting and Voting Results

 Posted on November 7, 2013 |  1 minutes |  XSF Organisational |  bear

Every year the members of the XSF get together to vote on the current quarter’s new and renewing members and to also elect who will become members of the Technical Council and who will server on the Board of Directors. This year that meeting was held on the 29th of October, 2013 and Alexander has recorded the details in a on the XSF site. The 13th XSF Technical Council for the 2013/2014 term are:[Read More]

Voting for the 2013 XSF Board and Council has begun

 Posted on October 14, 2013 |  1 minutes |  XSF Organisational |  bear

Our most amazing XSF Secretary, Alexander Gnauck, has started the proxy voting process for this years Board and Council. Details on how is running can be found on the Board And Council Elections 2013 wiki page. Proxy voting will continue until close of business on October 28th and we will hold a meeting on October 29th to formally approve the voting results. All of the details can be found in Alexander’s Members Post.[Read More]

2011 Q4 Membership Application Period has started

 Posted on September 22, 2011 |  1 minutes |  XSF Organisational |  bear

Alexander Gnauck has announced to the members@xmpp.org mailing list that the membership application Wiki page for the next application period is ready.  Now is the time to start looking for new members, or remind those who have dropped to reapply.

The following XSF members have to reapply:

  • Will Thompson
  • Waqas Hussain
  • Alexey Melnikov
  • Kurt Zeilenga
  • Michael Grigutsch
  • Tuomas Koski
  • Steffen Larsen
  • Guillaume LeGales
  • Joe Maissel
  • Peter Mount
  • Steven Parkes
  • Luca Tagliaferri
  • Mike Taylor