The XMPP Newsletter

The XMPP Newsletter, 03 August 2018

Welcome to the latest edition of the XMPP newsletter!

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Slack has acquired HipChat's (and Stride's) intellectual property from Atlassian. HipChat was a proprietary service based on non-federated XMPP.

Prosody has added various PEP improvements which will be included in a future 0.11 release.

The Java XMPP library Smack now has OpenPGP support.

The Freedombone project now supports automatic XMPP notifications in addition to email notifications. Since publication of this post, Bob Mottram has informed us that notifications are now sent out as "headline" messages.

Dino has received a "filter expressions" feature as part of a Google Summer of Code project, allowing advanced search through messages.

Skype for Business Server will deprecate XMPP Gateways in 2019.

Guides and Howtos

In XMPP With Node.js, Jeremy Jackson documents how he sets up a development environment for writing an XMPP echo bot in server-side JavaScript.

Divya Prajapati has published a two-part guide on how to create an XMPP Android client: Part 1: OpenFire server installation Part 2: Creating an Android XMPP client


Daniel Gakwaya has made a video showing how to send and receive files with XMPP using HTTP-upload.

Software releases


  • Jackal 0.3
    • Jackal is a relatively new XMPP server written in Go. This release adds server-to-server federation support.
  • MongooseIM 3.1
    • Amongst other things, the Inbox feature has received new features, such as MSSQL support and support for MUC groupchats.




New Services

  • Muclumbus
    • A search engine for public Multi-User Chat Rooms
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