The XMPP Newsletter, 31 August 2018

 Posted on August 31, 2018 |  1 minutes |  Newsletter |  jcbrand

Welcome to the XMPP newsletter.

If you have an article, tutorial or blog post you’d like us to include in the newsletter, please submit it on the XMPP wiki.

This month’s newsletter is a bit thinner than usual, no doubt due to the summer holidays in the northern hemisphere.


Maxime “pep.” Buquet has written a great report on the progress made at the recent XMPP sprint held at the Collabora offices in Cambridge.

The XMPP server compliance tester, started by Daniel Gultsch from, has been improved by Rishi Raj for Google Summer of Code and has a new website.

You can now test how compliant your server is at

The JSXC project has made a managed XMPP server available which is now also 100% compliant with the compliance tester.

Also from JSXC, XMPP Cloud Authentication is now available as Debian package.

The Business Bot platform now also supports XMPP chatbots.

ProgrammableWeb published a four part series on push protocols. In part 4, they mention XMPP and XMPP-IoT.

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