The XMPP Newsletter, 01 October 2018

 Posted on September 30, 2018 |  2 minutes |  Newsletter |  jcbrand

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Paul Schaub penned some thoughts on the future of OMEMO where he discusses some of its current drawbacks and proposes futher improvements.

After nearly two years of running a Matrix server, Disroot have explained why they chose to refocus on XMPP instead. Their reasons include better resource consumption and a privacy-respecting architecture.

Daniel Gultsch visited where he held an XMPP workshop and helped them to update their XMPP service. Here’s the original blog post in German.

Salut à Toi now has one-on-one OMEMO support and when D-Bus is available it can be used as a remote-control.

Cisco, through their acquisition of Broadsoft, use Tigase XMPP Server in their products under AGPLv3 license.

Dino, the GNOME team chat client, now has a message search feature.

Ejabberd Business Edition now supports another protocol, MQTT 5.

JC Brand wrote a blog post about the Converse 4 release in which he talks about the history of the project and his plans for the future.

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