Posted on January 23, 2023 |  2 minutes |  FOSDEM |  XMPP Communication Team and Contributors

We’re very excited to be back at FOSDEM in person this year. Once again, many members of the XMPP community will be attending, and we hope to see you there!

Realtime Lounge

As usual, we will have the Realtime Lounge set up, where you can come and meet community members, project developers, see demos and ask us questions. Note that this year we will be in a slightly different location to usual - on the ground floor of the K building.

Update: We’ll be in our traditional location - find us on the K building 2nd floor, beside the elevator (map below). Come and say hi!

Map of the K building level 2

Map of the K building level 2


There will also be multiple talks in the Real Time Communications devroom that relate to XMPP. These are all on Sunday afternoon:

XMPP Summit

Prior to FOSDEM, the XSF will also hold its 25th XMPP summit. This is where community members gather to discuss protocol changes and the XMPP roadmap. We’ll be reporting live from the event, and we’ll post a review here on the blog after FOSDEM.