XMPP Roundup 11

 Posted on July 29, 2009 |  2 minutes |  XMPP Roundup |  Nyco

[Reporters: Nicolas Vérité and Peter Saint-Andre] Welcome to the eleventh XMPP roundup, the summer news of the XMPP galaxy.

New and updated software


Blather is a library for Ruby, licensed under a BSD licence.


dojox, is an XMPP library for JavaScript that is part of the Dojo toolkit.


Eiffel XMPP, a library for the Eiffel language, inspired by XMPPHP, published under the Eiffel Forum License v2.

eM Client

eM Client is PIM client (Personal Information Manager: e-mail, calendar, contact, etc.), for Windows only (XP and Vista), integrating XMPP.


glu is a Windows-only XMPP client, written on the .Net framework, with agsxmpp library, released under the GPLv2 license.


hxmpp is a library for the haXe language for client and components (with no license yet).


SworIM, a native XMPP client for the iPhone.


Tinder is an XMPP library for Java coming from Openfire and Whack.

V&V Messenger

V&V Messenger is a Windows-only XMPP client (screenshots).

OneTeam 3.0 for iPhone

The XMPP client OneTeam 3.0 for iPhone has got the Apple Push, based on XMPP. Pandion

Pandion, the XMPP client, is now released as an opensource software, under the GPLv3 license.


Version 0.5 of the Prosody XMPP server has been released.


XMPP4R has been released in version 0.5, with many improvements and bugfixes.

New and updated services based on XMPP


Jake is a collaborative file sharing service based on XMPP.

PyGo Wave Server

PyGo Wave Server is available.

Wave on ejabberd

ProcessOne has posted a blog article detailing how to configure ejabberd for the Wave reference implementation.


Collecta is a real-time search engine.


superfeedr.com is real-time feed parsing, using PubSub for notifications.

Weavver testing tool

Weavver testing tool is an XMPP tool to check SRV records and TCP ports.


juick.com is a new real-time social network and microblogging site, based on Jabber/XMPP, letting you publish notices, tunes, photos, geolocation, mood, vCard, etc.

New and updated XMPP specifications

The XMPP Standards Foundation has advanced both XEP-0198: Stream Management and XEP-0249: Direct MUC Invitations from Experimental to Draft in its standards process. In addition, the following specifications have been recently updated:


There is no rest in the XMPP space: even in the summer, things are going on at a fast pace.