Issue Tracker

 Posted on February 25, 2010 |  1 minutes |  Miscellaneous |  stpeter

The XSF’s Infrastructure Team has installed an issue tracker for use by the XMPP Standards Foundation. Because the core work of the XSF is the development of protocol specifications, we will use the “Spec Issues” project in the issue tracker to keep track of bug reports and feature requests related to our core specification series (XEPs) and related documentation such as XML schemas and data registries. Anyone can submit issues for consideration, and those tickets will be handled by the XSF’s Technical Review Team, the XMPP Council, the XEP Editor, and other responsible parties (we’re still working out the details about how we will track this feedback and incorporate it into our specifications).

If you want to help out, the first step is to create an account, then you can start to submit bug reports and feature requests at the spec issues project.

The issue tracker is just the first in a series of process improvements we are working on to make the XSF’s standards even more transparent and efficient. Stay tuned for further reports in the near future!

– Peter Saint-Andre