XMPP & Google Summer of Code 2022: Welcome new contributors!

 Posted on May 28, 2022 |  2 minutes |  Google Summer of Code |  XSF Organization Administrator (GSoC 2022)

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The Google Summer of Code 2022 is about to lift off and coding starts soon! The XSF has not just been accepted (again!) as a hosting organization for XMPP projects, we also can welcome two new contributors who will work on open-source software projects in the XMPP environment! We have updated our designated web-page for the Google Summer of Code 2022 accordingly.

The XMPP projects at Google Summer of Code 2022

So, please welcome Patiga and PawBud as new contributors! It is really great that you chose XMPP for your coding adventure!

  • Patiga will work on more flexible file transfers in Dino. Mentors will be fiaxh and Marvin W. - many thanks to both of you!
    • Resource-wise, messenger applications tend to be on the lightweight side of the spectrum. This drastically changes when file transfers are added to the equation. File transfers can arbitrarily increase resource-usage, both on network and data storage aspects. To alleviate this issue, stateless file sharing empowers the user to make informed decisions on which files to download. Deliverables:
      • Unified handling of HTTP and Jingle (peer-to-peer) file transfers
      • Enable sending metadata alongside files
      • Thumbnail previews for images
  • PawBud will work towards adding support for A/V communication via Jingle in ConverseJS. Mentors will be JC Brand and vanitasvitae - many thanks to both of you, too!
    • The idea is to add support for Audio & Video communication through the Jingle protocol. The goal is to create a Converse plugin that adds the ability to make one-on-one audio/video calls from Converse. The audio/video calls will be compatible with other XMPP clients.

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Looking forward!

–The XSF Organisation Admin