Python IoT Hacking with XMPP in Stockholm

On the 21rst November we will meet and use Python to build on raspberry developer kits and connect things through the XMPP IoT extensions.

At the meetup event we will have sensors and actuators connected to raspberries and create interoperable interchange of data with the help of XMPP.

Interested in how XMPP could be used in the Internet of Things arena contact the organizer Joachim Lindborg XSF or Peter Waher XSF

Ubiquitous XMPP Encryption - test day 01

Simon posted on the jdev mailing list a great reminder about the upcoming test day quoted below: “We owe it to our user’s to provide secure communications” - St Peter. To achieve ubiquitous encryption between clients and servers on XMPP, we’re doing a phased approach similar to the ipv6 test days. 4th January is the first test day of full XMPP encryption. The aim - see what breaks when all XMPP sites enable secure communication. [Read More]

XMPP and IoT event 14 November 2013

Joachim is in the US (San Francisco specifically) and would love to get together with anyone from the XMPP and/or IoT community!

His original goal was to attend the Doing IoT with XMPP meetup. Either way you should poke him on the members@ mailing list to at least find a pub and raise a pint or three!

Thanks Joachim!

XMPP at PyCon 2013

Arc, Lance and Ralph are all at PyCon 2013 and today they were showing off XMPP and Python at one of the “poster sessions”. Nicely done!

PyCon 2013

XMPP WG Session at IETF 83

The IETF’s XMPP Working Group will hold an in-person meeting this week at IETF 83 in Paris. The topics will include end-to-end encryption, server-to-server federation, and internationalization.

Remote access will also be accommodated. Here are the particulars:

Date: Wednesday, March 28
Time: 15:10-16:10 Central European Time (14:10 UTC)
Place: Le Palais des Congres de Paris, France
Audio Stream:

XMPP Hackfest today!

The first day of the tenth XMPP Summit to be held by the XMPP Standards Foundation is starting! The first event is the Hackfest where the XMPP devs and geeks will swarm the gracious Cisco meeting rooms.

Please do visit the XMPP Summit wiki page for a detailed breakdown of the schedule as space may be tight today.

XMPP Developer's Challenge 2011

With the 10th XMPP Summit starting at the end of the week, it’s time to announce the Developer’s Challenge! Similar to last year’s one, this year we’re again targeting mobile devices. Nokia has been generous and given us a Nokia N8 to give away, as well as demo phones for the 4 days, equipped with the full power of the Internet thanks to MobileVikings. We’ve set up a Wiki page with all the information on the Dev Challenge here. [Read More]

2nd Annual SeaBeyond event at ProcessOne

ProcessOne, for the second time, will be hosting the SeaBeyond event. This year SeaBeyond is dedicated to federated social real-time tools and mobile real-time collaboration, with more discussions about real-time technologies in general. In the morning will be the “sandbox” where news/developments, demos and technical discussions will take place, and in the afternoon the “lighthouse” for talks and presentations. Visit ProcessOne’s SeaBeyond website for full details. Speakers coming from all over the world, including Europe (France, Poland, Germany, Finland), USA, and Australia: [Read More]

Interop event report

From 6th-11th December 2010, the XSF ran its first remote interop event. All client and server projects were invited to attend, and we had a good turnout. The aim of the interop event was to test basic XMPP interoperability, particularly re correct TLS and certificate handling, for both clients and servers. We provided projects with a list of tests, together with a set of known-bad server configurations, and worked through these during the week. [Read More]