2010 XMPP Interop Event Update

Monday saw the 2010 XMPP Interop start right up with many of the participants working with Kev (who was wearing his XSF ITeam hat) to establish the base line DNS entries and with MattJ for any CA Certificate items needed. Details can be found on the Interop wiki page and discussions are happening in the chat room which is logged. A full report will be generated after the event is over and a summary will be posted here. [Read More]

XSF Interop 2010 has started

XSF is conducting an online interop event to allow testing of interoperability based on the latest core standards from Monday, December 6th all the way thru Saturday the 11th of December.

The event has started with all the usual fun of setting up the infrastructure required :)

Client and Server implementers are encouraged to participate, see  our Interop page for details or to follow along as the event unfolds!

Online Interop Event

From Monday 6th December through to Saturday 11th December, the XSF will be conducting an online interop event to test and demonstrate XMPP interoperability based on the latest core standards. Client and Server implementers are encouraged to participate.

If you do wish to participate, please do add your information to our Interop page.

XMPP Monthly Developer Meeting

As posted on the blog of  Peter St.Andre, the XMPP Standards Foundation’s Executive Director, the first of what will hopefully turn out to be a series of monthly XMPP developer groupchats will take place this Thursday @ 20:00 UTC.

The groupchat is open to all, not just to XSF members and will take place in the ‘jdev’ room at ‘conference.jabber.org’.

Full details can be found on Peter’s blog.

XMPP DevCon 3

We’ve scheduled XMPP DevCon3 for July 23 and 24, 2007, in Portland, Oregon, USA. Logistical details are being worked out right now, but save the dates if you’re interested in brainstorming real-time applications with other XMPP developers in an informal, technology-focused environment.

Stay tuned for further updates in the near future.