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Welcome to the XMPP Newsletter, great to have you here again! This issue covers the month of June 2022.

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XSF Announcements

  • The XSF membership application period for the third quarter 2022 is currently open. If you are interested in becoming a XSF member then you can apply for membership.

Google Summer of Code 2022

XSF and Google Summer of Code 2022

The Google Summer of Code 2022 has lifted off and coding started a while ago! The two new contributors Patiga and PawBud who will work on open-source software projects in the XMPP environment. Read their first blog posts, too.

Feel free to spread the word via Mastodon or Twitter. More details in our designated page at

XSF fiscal hosting projects

The XSF offers fiscal hosting for XMPP projects. Please apply via Open Collective. For more information, see the announcement blog post. Current projects:



JMP News: Command UI and better transcriptions coming soon.

Nicola Fabiano wrote the article To be «IM apps addicted» or not to be, that is the question. Choose to be free: Snikket, the system messaging based on XMPP protocol highlighting XMPP as his best solution and Snikket as his choice. In another article he states his reasons to avoid WhatsApp, also considering the European Commission’s actions: Persisting with Whatsapp use: how to persevere unknowingly. The whys of our «No».

Paul Schaub wrote a piece on PGPainless: Reproducible Builds – Telling of a Debugging Story.

Prosody devs got funded by EU’s NGI Assure via the NLnet Foundation to modernize XMPP authentication and authorization so users can secure their sessions with MFA (multi-factor authentication) and have peace of mind with per session controls.

Software news

Clients and applications

Gajim 1.4.3, 1.4.4, and 1.4.5 have been released: Gajim’s new versions come with many improvements: emoji auto-complete, automatic theme switching when your desktop switches from light to dark in the evening, a completely reworked Gajim remote interface, and many bug fixes.

Gajim emoji auto-complete


MongooseIM’s new release 5.1 comes with a configuration rework.

Jackal 0.61.0 has been released.

ProcessOne announced ejabberd .deb and .rpm repositories for amd64 and arm64 systems.

ejabberd .deb and .rpm

Prosody 0.12.1 has been released, and it comes with improved compatibility with Jitsi Meet plus bug fixes for its newly-extended XEP-0227 support.

From the ignite realtime community:


No news this month.

Extensions and specifications

Developers and other standards experts from around the world collaborate on these extensions, developing new specifications for emerging practices, and refining existing ways of doing things. Proposed by anybody, the particularly successful ones end up as Final or Active - depending on their type - while others are carefully archived as Deferred. This life cycle is described in XEP-0001, which contains the formal and canonical definitions for the types, states, and processes. Read more about the standards process. Communication around Standards and Extensions happens in the Standards Mailing List (online archive).

By the way, features a new page about XMPP RFCs.


The XEP development process starts by writing up an idea and submitting it to the XMPP Editor. Within two weeks, the Council decides whether to accept this proposal as an Experimental XEP.

  • WebSocket S2S
    • This specification defines a procedure to make s2s XMPP connections over WebSocket.
  • XMPP over QUIC
    • This specification defines a procedure to make both c2s and s2s XMPP connections over the QUIC protocol instead of TCP+TLS.


  • No New XEPs this month


If an experimental XEP is not updated for more than twelve months, it will be moved off Experimental to Deferred. If there is another update, it will put the XEP back onto Experimental.

  • No XEPs deferred this month.


  • No XEPs updated this month.

Last Call

Last calls are issued once everyone seems satisfied with the current XEP status. After the Council decides whether the XEP seems ready, the XMPP Editor issues a Last Call for comments. The feedback gathered during the Last Call help improving the XEP before returning it to the Council for advancement to Stable.

  • External Service Discovery
    • This document specifies an XMPP protocol extension for discovering services external to the XMPP network.


  • No XEPs advanced to Stable this month.


  • No XEP deprecated this month.

Call for Experience

A Call For Experience - like a Last Call, is an explicit call for comments, but in this case it’s mostly directed at people who’ve implemented, and ideally deployed, the specification. The Council then votes to move it to Final.

  • No Call for Experience this month.

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