The core specifications for XMPP are developed at the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) - see RFC 6120, RFC 6121, and RFC 7622 (along with the WebSocket binding defined in RFC 7395).

The XMPP Standards Foundation develops extensions to XMPP in its XEP series. This page lists Draft and Final XEPs as well as experimental proposals that are currently under consideration. A list of all XEPs (including retracted, rejected, deprecated, and obsolete XEPs) is also available. Good places for developers to start are the client compliance and server compliance definitions, as well as the technology overview pages.

Number Name ▾ Type Status Date
XEP-0050 (PDF) Ad-Hoc Commands Standards Track Draft 2005-06-30
XEP-0079 (PDF) Advanced Message Processing Standards Track Draft 2005-11-30
XEP-0145 (PDF) Annotations Historical Active 2006-03-23
XEP-0182 (PDF) Application-Specific Error Conditions Procedural Active 2008-03-05
XEP-0224 (PDF) Attention Standards Track Draft 2008-11-13
XEP-0318 (PDF) Best Practices for Client Initiated Presence Probes Informational Experimental 2013-08-06
XEP-0160 (PDF) Best Practices for Handling Offline Messages Informational Active 2006-01-24
XEP-0201 (PDF) Best Practices for Message Threads Informational Active 2010-11-29
XEP-0175 (PDF) Best Practices for Use of SASL ANONYMOUS Informational Active 2009-09-30
XEP-0178 (PDF) Best Practices for Use of SASL EXTERNAL with Certificates Informational Active 2011-05-25
XEP-0205 (PDF) Best Practices to Discourage Denial of Service Attacks Informational Active 2009-01-07
XEP-0288 (PDF) Bidirectional Server-to-Server Connections Standards Track Draft 2013-09-26
XEP-0124 (PDF) Bidirectional-streams Over Synchronous HTTP (BOSH) Standards Track Draft 2014-04-09
XEP-0239 (PDF) Binary XMPP Humorous Active 2008-04-01
XEP-0231 (PDF) Bits of Binary Standards Track Draft 2008-09-03
XEP-0191 (PDF) Blocking Command Standards Track Draft 2012-07-18
XEP-0048 (PDF) Bookmarks Standards Track Draft 2007-11-07
XEP-0158 (PDF) CAPTCHA Forms Standards Track Draft 2008-09-03
XEP-0340 (PDF) COnferences with LIghtweight BRIdging (COLIBRI) Standards Track Experimental 2014-01-08
XEP-0085 (PDF) Chat State Notifications Standards Track Final 2009-09-23
XEP-0352 (PDF) Client State Indication Standards Track Experimental 2014-08-28
XEP-0266 (PDF) Codecs for Jingle Audio Standards Track Draft 2011-10-04
XEP-0127 (PDF) Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) Over XMPP Informational Active 2004-12-09
XEP-0157 (PDF) Contact Addresses for XMPP Services Informational Active 2007-01-31
XEP-0354 (PDF) Customizable Message Routing Standards Track Experimental 2014-10-15
XEP-0004 (PDF) Data Forms Standards Track Final 2007-08-13
XEP-0331 (PDF) Data Forms - Color Field Types Standards Track Experimental 2014-03-10
XEP-0336 (PDF) Data Forms - Dynamic Forms Standards Track Experimental 2014-01-08
XEP-0350 (PDF) Data Forms Geolocation Element Standards Track Experimental 2014-07-03
XEP-0141 (PDF) Data Forms Layout Standards Track Draft 2005-05-12
XEP-0221 (PDF) Data Forms Media Element Standards Track Draft 2008-09-03
XEP-0122 (PDF) Data Forms Validation Standards Track Draft 2004-09-22
XEP-0203 (PDF) Delayed Delivery Standards Track Final 2009-09-15
XEP-0298 (PDF) Delivering Conference Information to Jingle Participants (Coin) Standards Track Experimental 2015-07-02
XEP-0185 (PDF) Dialback Key Generation and Validation Informational Active 2007-02-15
XEP-0249 (PDF) Direct MUC Invitations Standards Track Draft 2011-09-22
XEP-0156 (PDF) Discovering Alternative XMPP Connection Methods Standards Track Draft 2014-01-08
XEP-0263 (PDF) ECO-XMPP Humorous Active 2009-04-01
XEP-0322 (PDF) Efficient XML Interchange (EXI) Format Standards Track Proposed 2014-03-10
XEP-0115 (PDF) Entity Capabilities Standards Track Draft 2008-02-26
XEP-0202 (PDF) Entity Time Standards Track Final 2009-09-11
XEP-0337 (PDF) Event Logging over XMPP Standards Track Experimental 2014-01-08
XEP-0033 (PDF) Extended Stanza Addressing Standards Track Draft 2004-09-15
XEP-0215 (PDF) External Service Discovery Standards Track Experimental 2014-02-27
XEP-0020 (PDF) Feature Negotiation Standards Track Draft 2006-11-21
XEP-0068 (PDF) Field Standardization for Data Forms Informational Active 2012-05-28
XEP-0329 (PDF) File Information Sharing Standards Track Experimental 2013-11-19
XEP-0013 (PDF) Flexible Offline Message Retrieval Standards Track Draft 2005-07-14
XEP-0346 (PDF) Form Discovery and Publishing Standards Track Experimental 2014-04-10
XEP-0345 (PDF) Form of Membership Applications Procedural Proposed 2014-08-04
XEP-0100 (PDF) Gateway Interaction Informational Active 2005-10-05
XEP-0143 (PDF) Guidelines for Authors of XMPP Extension Protocols Procedural Active 2011-07-08
XEP-0332 (PDF) HTTP over XMPP transport Standards Track Proposed 2014-08-12
XEP-0344 (PDF) Impact of TLS and DNSSEC on Dialback Standards Track Experimental 2015-03-23
XEP-0047 (PDF) In-Band Bytestreams Standards Track Final 2012-06-22
XEP-0301 (PDF) In-Band Real Time Text Standards Track Draft 2013-10-08
XEP-0077 (PDF) In-Band Registration Standards Track Final 2012-01-25
XEP-0148 (PDF) Instant Messaging Intelligence Quotient (IM IQ) Humorous Active 2005-04-01
XEP-0326 (PDF) Internet of Things - Concentrators Standards Track Experimental 2014-03-10
XEP-0325 (PDF) Internet of Things - Control Standards Track Experimental 2014-04-07
XEP-0347 (PDF) Internet of Things - Discovery Standards Track Experimental 2014-11-11
XEP-0324 (PDF) Internet of Things - Provisioning Standards Track Experimental 2014-05-21
XEP-0323 (PDF) Internet of Things - Sensor Data Standards Track Experimental 2015-03-02
XEP-0126 (PDF) Invisibility Informational Active 2005-08-19
XEP-0186 (PDF) Invisible Command Standards Track Proposed 2012-06-27
XEP-0106 (PDF) JID Escaping Standards Track Draft 2007-06-18
XEP-0335 (PDF) JSON Containers Standards Track Experimental 2013-10-25
XEP-0295 (PDF) JSON Encodings for XMPP Humorous Active 2011-04-01
XEP-0114 (PDF) Jabber Component Protocol Historical Active 2012-01-25
XEP-0055 (PDF) Jabber Search Historical Active 2009-09-15
XEP-0009 (PDF) Jabber-RPC Standards Track Final 2011-11-10
XEP-0166 (PDF) Jingle Standards Track Draft 2009-12-23
XEP-0234 (PDF) Jingle File Transfer Standards Track Experimental 2014-08-11
XEP-0338 (PDF) Jingle Grouping Framework Standards Track Experimental 2014-01-08
XEP-0176 (PDF) Jingle ICE-UDP Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2009-06-10
XEP-0261 (PDF) Jingle In-Band Bytestreams Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2011-09-23
XEP-0353 (PDF) Jingle Message Initiation Standards Track Experimental 2014-10-02
XEP-0293 (PDF) Jingle RTP Feedback Negotiation Standards Track Proposed 2015-04-29
XEP-0294 (PDF) Jingle RTP Header Extensions Negotiation Standards Track Proposed 2015-03-25
XEP-0167 (PDF) Jingle RTP Sessions Standards Track Draft 2009-12-23
XEP-0177 (PDF) Jingle Raw UDP Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2009-12-23
XEP-0260 (PDF) Jingle SOCKS5 Bytestreams Transport Method Standards Track Draft 2011-09-23
XEP-0183 (PDF) Jingle Telepathy Transport Humorous Active 2006-04-01
XEP-0171 (PDF) Language Translation Standards Track Draft 2011-06-15
XEP-0012 (PDF) Last Activity Standards Track Final 2008-11-26
XEP-0256 (PDF) Last Activity in Presence Standards Track Draft 2009-09-15
XEP-0308 (PDF) Last Message Correction Standards Track Draft 2013-04-08
XEP-0319 (PDF) Last User Interaction in Presence Standards Track Draft 2015-04-02
XEP-0076 (PDF) Malicious Stanzas Humorous Active 2003-04-01
XEP-0313 (PDF) Message Archive Management Standards Track Experimental 2015-01-23
XEP-0136 (PDF) Message Archiving Standards Track Draft 2010-06-21
XEP-0280 (PDF) Message Carbons Standards Track Experimental 2013-10-17
XEP-0184 (PDF) Message Delivery Receipts Standards Track Draft 2011-03-01
XEP-0334 (PDF) Message Processing Hints Standards Track Experimental 2013-07-11
XEP-0286 (PDF) Mobile Considerations Informational Experimental 2015-07-22
XEP-0045 (PDF) Multi-User Chat Standards Track Draft 2012-02-08
XEP-0355 (PDF) Namespace Delegation Standards Track Experimental 2014-03-21
XEP-0083 (PDF) Nested Roster Groups Informational Active 2004-10-11
XEP-0360 (PDF) Nonzas (are not Stanzas) Standards Track Experimental 2015-07-14
XEP-0066 (PDF) Out of Band Data Standards Track Draft 2006-08-16
XEP-0223 (PDF) Persistent Storage of Private Data via PubSub Informational Active 2008-09-08
XEP-0222 (PDF) Persistent Storage of Public Data via PubSub Informational Active 2008-09-08
XEP-0163 (PDF) Personal Eventing Protocol Standards Track Draft 2010-07-12
XEP-0227 (PDF) Portable Import/Export Format for XMPP-IM Servers Standards Track Draft 2010-03-12
XEP-0132 (PDF) Presence Obtained via Kinesthetic Excitation (POKE) Humorous Active 2004-04-01
XEP-0016 (PDF) Privacy Lists Standards Track Draft 2007-02-15
XEP-0049 (PDF) Private XML Storage Historical Active 2004-03-01
XEP-0356 (PDF) Privileged Entity Standards Track Experimental 2015-03-23
XEP-0060 (PDF) Publish-Subscribe Standards Track Draft 2010-07-12
XEP-0358 (PDF) Publishing Available Jingle Sessions Standards Track Experimental 2015-06-29
XEP-0137 (PDF) Publishing Stream Initiation Requests Standards Track Draft 2005-08-26
XEP-0330 (PDF) Pubsub Subscription Standards Track Experimental 2013-06-11
XEP-0357 (PDF) Push Standards Track Experimental 2015-03-18
XEP-0327 (PDF) Rayo Standards Track Proposed 2015-07-15
XEP-0341 (PDF) Rayo CPA Standards Track Experimental 2014-01-14
XEP-0349 (PDF) Rayo Clustering Standards Track Experimental 2014-06-18
XEP-0342 (PDF) Rayo Fax Standards Track Experimental 2014-03-13
XEP-0152 (PDF) Reachability Addresses Standards Track Draft 2014-02-25
XEP-0351 (PDF) Recipient Server Side Notifications Filtering Standards Track Experimental 2014-08-28
XEP-0170 (PDF) Recommended Order of Stream Feature Negotiation Informational Active 2007-01-04
XEP-0146 (PDF) Remote Controlling Clients Informational Active 2006-03-23
XEP-0059 (PDF) Result Set Management Standards Track Draft 2006-09-20
XEP-0144 (PDF) Roster Item Exchange Standards Track Draft 2005-08-26
XEP-0096 (PDF) SI File Transfer Standards Track Draft 2004-04-13
XEP-0072 (PDF) SOAP Over XMPP Standards Track Draft 2005-12-14
XEP-0065 (PDF) SOCKS5 Bytestreams Standards Track Draft 2011-04-20
XEP-0258 (PDF) Security Labels in XMPP Standards Track Draft 2013-04-08
XEP-0220 (PDF) Server Dialback Standards Track Draft 2014-08-05
XEP-0174 (PDF) Serverless Messaging Standards Track Final 2008-11-26
XEP-0133 (PDF) Service Administration Informational Active 2005-08-19
XEP-0030 (PDF) Service Discovery Standards Track Final 2008-06-06
XEP-0128 (PDF) Service Discovery Extensions Informational Active 2004-10-20
XEP-0343 (PDF) Signaling WebRTC datachannels in Jingle Standards Track Experimental 2014-07-15
XEP-0348 (PDF) Signing Forms Standards Track Experimental 2014-05-28
XEP-0092 (PDF) Software Version Standards Track Draft 2007-02-15
XEP-0339 (PDF) Source-Specific Media Attributes in Jingle Standards Track Experimental 2014-01-08
XEP-0002 (PDF) Special Interest Groups (SIGs) Procedural Active 2002-01-11
XEP-0297 (PDF) Stanza Forwarding Standards Track Draft 2013-10-02
XEP-0131 (PDF) Stanza Headers and Internet Metadata Standards Track Draft 2006-07-12
XEP-0155 (PDF) Stanza Session Negotiation Standards Track Draft 2008-01-14
XEP-0138 (PDF) Stream Compression Standards Track Final 2009-05-27
XEP-0229 (PDF) Stream Compression with LZW Standards Track Draft 2007-09-26
XEP-0095 (PDF) Stream Initiation Standards Track Draft 2004-04-13
XEP-0198 (PDF) Stream Management Standards Track Draft 2011-06-29
XEP-0019 (PDF) Streamlining the SIGs Procedural Active 2002-03-20
XEP-0245 (PDF) The /me Command Informational Active 2009-01-21
XEP-0149 (PDF) Time Periods Informational Active 2006-01-24
XEP-0169 (PDF) Twas The Night Before Christmas (Jabber Version) Humorous Active 2009-12-24
XEP-0359 (PDF) Unique and Stable Stanza IDs Standards Track Experimental 2015-07-14
XEP-0320 (PDF) Use of DTLS-SRTP in Jingle Sessions Standards Track Experimental 2013-10-22
XEP-0262 (PDF) Use of ZRTP in Jingle RTP Sessions Standards Track Draft 2011-06-15
XEP-0108 (PDF) User Activity Standards Track Draft 2008-10-29
XEP-0084 (PDF) User Avatar Standards Track Draft 2008-11-05
XEP-0080 (PDF) User Location Standards Track Draft 2014-05-07
XEP-0107 (PDF) User Mood Standards Track Draft 2008-10-29
XEP-0172 (PDF) User Nickname Standards Track Draft 2012-03-21
XEP-0118 (PDF) User Tune Standards Track Draft 2008-01-30
XEP-0070 (PDF) Verifying HTTP Requests via XMPP Standards Track Draft 2005-12-14
XEP-0071 (PDF) XHTML-IM Standards Track Draft 2012-11-28
XEP-0270 (PDF) XMPP Compliance Suites 2010 Standards Track Draft 2009-09-30
XEP-0082 (PDF) XMPP Date and Time Profiles Informational Active 2013-09-26
XEP-0134 (PDF) XMPP Design Guidelines Informational Active 2004-12-09
XEP-0207 (PDF) XMPP Eventing via Pubsub Humorous Active 2007-04-01
XEP-0001 (PDF) XMPP Extension Protocols Procedural Active 2010-03-10
XEP-0206 (PDF) XMPP Over BOSH Standards Track Draft 2014-04-09
XEP-0199 (PDF) XMPP Ping Standards Track Final 2009-06-03
XEP-0053 (PDF) XMPP Registrar Function Procedural Active 2008-10-29
XEP-0147 (PDF) XMPP URI Scheme Query Components Informational Active 2006-09-13
XEP-0361 (PDF) Zero Handshake Server to Server Protocol Informational Experimental 2015-07-18
XEP-0153 (PDF) vCard-Based Avatars Historical Active 2006-08-16
XEP-0292 (PDF) vCard4 Over XMPP Standards Track Experimental 2013-09-12
XEP-0054 (PDF) vcard-temp Historical Active 2008-07-16